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Belle Amour Vintage Jazz

Belle Amour Vintage Jazz

Belle Amour is a world class, vintage style jazz band that captures the essence of the era with a look and sound that connects the audience to the music in a fun and engaging way. Belle Amour is comprised of classically trained professional musicians who have toured nationally and internationally with acclaimed artists.  

Meet the Belle Amour musicians:

Jason: keys, guitars, vocals

Jason has toured the world as the music director and pianist for Sheila Raye Charles. He can be found on a regular basis with all of the best local Twin Cities musicians at many of the local music venues. Jason can also be heard on countless recordings, as his musical talents are frequently called upon for studio work. Thankfully for us, Jason has always been looking for an excuse to learn the accordion.

Katie: vocals

Katie spent six years leading the Dean Weisser Band, a classic rock and blues band and has sung with many other local bands including The Senders and jump blues band Steve Clarke and the Working Stiffs. Katie’s vocal phrasing and stylistic interpretation is well beyond her years. Belle Amour has allowed Katie to embrace her true vocal age. Plus she likes to wear cute vintage clothes.

Graydon: bass

Graydon is one of the backbones of the jazz scene in the Twin Cities. Known as a guy who excels at many styles, Graydon has played with the Twin Cities’ top jazz singers and modern jazz groups, and has toured around the United States. A 3rd degree black belt in the ancient art of Kung Fu, Graydon is a fearless bassist, not to be reckoned with.

Scott: drums

For more than a decade, Scott has performed professionally in the Midwest with pianist and composer George Maurer. A fan of all things vintage, Scott took his wife’s advice and created Belle Amour to meet the musical needs of young lovers vintage jazz enthusiasts everywhere.

Belle Amour specializes in a wide variety of vintage jazz including:

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