7 Things Your Wedding DJ Wants You to Tell Them

7 Things Your Wedding DJ Wants You to Tell Them

Do you want a fun and festive wedding full of party anthems or a romantic one with love songs and slow jams? Share your vision for the day with your wedding DJ. It’ll help them create a memorable, enjoyable, and personalized musical experience for you and your guests. 

So, how do you communicate your vision to wedding vendors? Read this quick and easy guide to the top things your wedding DJ wants you to tell them.

And if you’re in Minnesota, Adagio Djay Entertainment can help ensure your big day turns out as you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us now to discuss your DJ needs for your important day.


What to Tell Your Wedding DJ

Whether the right DJ makes or breaks your special day depends on your collaboration. Below, we’ll share the things you should tell your wedding DJ to help you do your part. 

1. Emceeing Expectations

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Typically, a wedding DJ will handle the music aspect. But besides that, most wedding DJs today can also take over some emceeing duties. 

Clarify what emceeing duties you want the DJ to take. For instance, certain announcements, surprises, introductions, etc. 

You should also brief them on your preferences. Are there jokes and topics they should avoid? Is there a family situation that they should approach with sensitivity? 

If you have a separate emcee, discuss how the DJ’s transitions and announcements will integrate with the emcee’s role. 

2. Name Pronunciations

Do you want your DJ to introduce the newlyweds and the wedding party? 

If yes, give them a phonetic spelling of the names or send a voice recording, especially for unique names. This avoids mispronunciations that can cause awkwardness and potentially overshadow the positive atmosphere.

3. Song Requests and “Do Not Play” List

Everyone has their music preferences, including your wedding DJ. So, give your DJ a list of must-play songs, genres, and/or artists to ensure your favorites are part of the musical lineup. Let your DJ work their magic in creating a playlist that keeps your guests engaged and the energy on the dance floor alive.  

Don’t want the chicken dance to play on your big day? Providing a “do not play” list helps them avoid songs that might not make sense for your event. But remember to strike a balance between your preferences and those of your guests for a harmonious musical experience.

4. When to Play Specific Wedding Songs and for How Long

What songs have you selected for key moments, like when the wedding party enters, the first dance, cake cutting, and father/daughter dances? 

Provide your DJ with information about the song choice, its pace, and any specific instructions for the transition. This ensures the right songs play exactly how you imagined at the right moments.

5. Timeline and Events

Do you want your wedding reception to flow seamlessly, like the chapters of a beautiful story?

Share the timeline of events, from the cocktail hour to the last song of the night. It’ll help your DJ tailor their music choices to complement each phase. 

6. Reception Guests 

Your DJ can create an inclusive wedding celebration for all your guests. So if you have guests of different demographics, a good DJ will choose a playlist suitable for a multi-generational party

Just let them know more about your guests to help them select the right mix of songs for that audience. You don’t want your auntie or mother-in-law to feel left out!

7. Wedding Venue

Forest Wedding Venue

Different event venues require specific sound and setup requirements. Your DJ will know the right number of speakers/microphones to bring and the ideal setup once they get familiar with the space.

It helps if you can connect your DJ with your wedding planner or the venue’s contact person to provide essential logistical details about the event space, setup, and other specific requirements.


4 Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Do you know what to expect from your DJ on your big day? 

Asking the right questions can ensure you’re on the same page and won’t have nasty surprises or unmet expectations. It also helps you avoid the mistakes most people make when hiring a wedding DJ.

1. What Type of Music Do You Play Best?

When interviewing potential wedding DJs, ask about their music specialization. What genres are they most comfortable with and experienced in? 

The answer will help gauge whether their musical style aligns with your preferences and the atmosphere you want to create for your special day.

2. How Long Have You Been in the Wedding DJ Business?

Everyone starts somewhere, but you don’t want a newbie DJ on your wedding day. 

Good and experienced wedding DJs can navigate diverse musical preferences, handle unexpected situations, and curate a memorable soundtrack tailored to your special day.

3. What’s Included in Your Pricing Package?

You need to know what you’re paying for. The pricing package should outline what services are covered and any potential additional costs. 

Understanding the scope of their offerings helps you make an informed decision and budget appropriately for a memorable wedding celebration.

4. What’s Your Cancellation Policy?

Unexpected changes might affect your wedding plans, and you need to clarify the DJ’s policy. Discuss potential scenarios and any associated fees. 


Wrapping Up

Creating the perfect wedding reception takes more than hiring a DJ and giving them a song list. You need to know what information to provide and the right questions to ask. 

We’re the right team to hire if you want your guests to remember your day forever. Our DJ team has created the perfect mood for several weddings in Minnesota, and we can help you too. Check out our services, and let’s discuss your party needs today!

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