Advice For Your Multicultural Wedding

Multicultural Wedding

  1. Communication – The most important and vital piece of making your multicultural wedding work is communication. Communicating with your spouse and with your families. The more you can prep your guests and prepare them for cultural customs they may not be used to, the better. Informing them on any special wedding rituals or customs is a must. Your guests will thank you. These customs and rituals will now have more meaning to them than before. As communication goes up between you and your partner you will work your way to a stronger relationship as well. It will create more unity, trust and “togetherness” between you two and both your families.
  2. Decisions – With a multicultural wedding you are going to have to make a lot of decisions. If you’re not naturally a decisive person, it’s time to become one. Not everyone will like each of your decisions but at the end of the day it’s your wedding and so what you say is what goes. Some decisions you may have to come to will be things like, what food will you serve? Can you have options that appease both ethnic cultures? Are there religious customs that you need to decide on? If there is a language barrier, will you have a translator? What will you play for music? Will it be a blend of music? As you can see there are going to be a lot of decisions you will have to make, just remember it’s your wedding so you and your spouse decide how you want to do it.
  3. Personalization – One of the greatest benefits you have for a multicultural wedding is the pure amount of customization you get to do for your wedding. Yes, it is more work. I’m sure by this point you’ve already accepted that as fact. The benefit, however, is that your wedding will likely be more personal to you, your spouse, and your guests. It is an opportunity to have all of your family and friends learn more about your spouse’s culture, religion, etc. That way when you spend the day with your spouse’s family at a future event they will know more about how you were raised and understand you better as a person. Our advice is, have fun with the personalization process. It may seem daunting at some points but keep a positive attitude about the whole thing. Keep your focus on the outcome…an unforgettable wedding with the love of your life!
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