Be a Princess With a Disney Themed Wedding

Be a Princess With a Disney Themed Wedding

So you have found your Prince or Princess. Now you are ready to live happily ever after. When you are preparing to plan your big day, may we suggest a magical and whimsical Disney themed wedding?

Most of us grew up watching Disney movies. The songs and stories shaped our childhoods. It’s only natural that the characters and storylines that were once so vital to your childhood self should now be a part of your wedding. 

At Adagio Djay Entertainment we have the tools and passion required to make your wedding day a fairytale affair you will never forget. Contact us for a free quote.

But let’s get back to the matter at hand. Here are some ways to turn your big day into the Disney themed wedding of your dreams.

wedding dress hanging in dressing room

Disney Music

Talk about an overabundance of choice; the sheer volume of music in the Disney catalog is staggering. If you don’t want to go full-on Disney with your theme or decorations, you can sprinkle in a few of your favorite Disney tunes.

Here at Adagio, we have a wide selection of Disney music to spice up your reception. If subtlety is your thing, we have many instrumental versions of your favorite Disney songs. 

As well as the classic, original versions of the songs, we have many pop covers to choose from. Additionally, you can choose to only include Disney music at specific parts of the ceremony or reception. Let us help you plan the perfect day, your way.

The Perfect Disney Backdrop

For those of you who are Twin City locals, you are in luck. We happen to have the perfect Disney setting right in our backyard. 

If you want to feel like a Disney Princess, may we suggest that you check out Leopold’s Mississippi Gardens? This breathtaking venue is only fifteen minutes from Minneapolis. 

Its prime location on the Mississippi River affords spectacular views that will give your wedding pictures that extra special something. 

You can find Disney touches throughout the place. Contact them for more information. Be sure to ask them how they can make your Disney dreams a reality. 

bride outdoors

Those Perfect Disney Touches

If you take one quick glance at Pinterest, you will get a veritable eye-full of Disney themed wedding touches. Allow us to introduce you to some of our favorites. 

Charming Centerpieces

Think Beauty and the Beast. Find a few decorative cloches with matching stands. To recreate one of the most iconic images from this legendary Disney film, place a single red rose beneath the glass. 

Spruce it up with some lights and ribbons, and you have a truly magical centerpiece.

Tinkerbell inspires this next one. Take a trip to your favorite garden store and find your favorite romantic decorative lantern

Fill the lantern with twinkle lights and decorate with a few woodland bits and bobs. Complete the look by adding a sign with the words “Tinkerbell’s Hideaway,” or some variation. 

We draw inspiration from Cinderella and her fairy godmother for this next one. It is especially appropriate if your wedding will take place in the fall. 

Pick up the best mini pumpkins you can find and use them as the primary design element of your centerpieces. Use crates, cake stands, or any item you choose as the base and decorate with linen, moss, tulle. This one is very open to interpretation; get creative! 

Candelabras play a part in two of our favorite movies; The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. If you are going for more of a Belle-vibe, think elaborate and gilded candelabras. If you are drawn to Ariel, use a whimsical candelabra complete with silverware in place of flowers.

wedding reception set up and ready

Enchanting Invitations

For your save the dates, follow the white rabbit. His catchphrase lends itself perfectly to a cute and quirky save the date. Try to find a classic Alice and Wonderland image for a more subtle feel.

For your invitations, incorporate phrases like, “For a Magical Evening,” or “Dinner and Enchantment to Follow.” Bonus points for adding the words “Happily Ever After.”

Great Guest Books

For the guest book area, we suggest you channel Lumiere for Beauty and the Beast. Pepper the table and the book itself with the phrase “Be Our Guest.” It would be sweet to include little figurines of the servant turned appliance characters from the movie. 

bride and groom with light effects around them

Whimsical Accessories

When it comes to a truly memorable and unique wedding, it all comes down to the details. Those perfect little touches are what create the mood and feel that you are looking for. 

Turn your dressing room into a Princess’s palace with the right accessories. If you have family heirlooms, they will help you feel like previous generations are a part of your big day. 

If not, that’s ok. You can find beautiful antique pieces at thrift stores or even pawn shops. 

Look for beautiful and classic pieces. We suggest you find a few mirrors, hairbrushes, powder brushes, and brooches. If you find enough, giving them as gifts to your bridesmaids is a nice touch.

Sweets For Your Sweet

One surefire way to incorporate some Disney flair into your wedding is with a Disney cake. Pick your favorite Princess or movie, and build your cake around it.

The cake itself can be Disney or Princess themed. Pick your favorite Princess. The cake can be the colors of her chosen dress. Alternatively, your cake could feature your Princess’ animal sidekick.

Of course, there is more to Disney than just princesses. You could have a Pixar themed cake. How do you feel about Norman and Dory cake toppers?

entrance to wedding

Precious Place Cards

Apples are an essential theme throughout Snow White. We happen to think they also make unique place cards. Place a flag or calligraphy the names right onto them.

Perhaps you could go with a toy story theme and have little toy soldiers assign the seats. 

For most of us of a certain age, Disney is a massive part of our culture. Celebrate that culture by incorporating those themes into one of the biggest days of your life. Don’t forget to contact Adagio Djay Entertainment. Tell us your Disney dreams, and we will make them come true. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes. Listen to your heart; we will listen to you.

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