Choosing a Wedding Theme That Fits Your Personality

Choosing a Wedding Theme That Fits Your Personality

Planning a wedding can be an adventure for an engaged couple. The process can be fun, stressful, and often, both of those things. Choosing a wedding theme idea that fits your personality can help minimize the stress and maximize the fun.

We have all heard the phrase, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” If the decorations, music, and food reflect your interests and passions, you will find wedding planning easier. When a wedding theme idea comes organically from what a couple enjoys and values, wedding planning can be fun.

There are a few benefits to a wedding theme idea that matches a couple’s personalities. First of all, couples can avoid the trap of being too trendy, with wedding photos that immediately look dated. Next, wedding guests have a good time when they can tell the newly married couple are having a good time.

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Where To Start

Choosing a theme early in the wedding planning process is vital. Establishing a wedding theme gives couples a map to remind them where they are going. When couples agree on a wedding theme idea that fits their personalities, they can avoid future disagreements later on.

The common arguments that can pop up are less likely with a wedding theme idea that genuinely matches the couple. An engaged couple presumably likes each other’s personalities. It is then harder to argue about a wedding theme idea that fits each partner.

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Commit to a Theme

A wedding theme can be as straightforward or as elaborate as the couple would like. The wedding could feature a consistent color scheme that appears throughout the ceremony and the reception. Conversely, the theme could be a detailed homage to a place, time, or idea that is important to the couple.

Color Scheme

Complementary colors in the ceremony and reception decor could be a standalone motif for your wedding. A color scheme could also be a supporting part of the overall wedding theme. A couple who got engaged in Greece may want to incorporate a bright Mediterranean blue and white into their decor.

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Embracing Your Story

A couple with a particularly exciting story about how they met or got engaged can share it through their theme. Along with a blue and white color scheme, the couple with the Greek proposal might also serve ouzo after dinner. The couple might have Mediterranean appetizers like stuffed grape leaves, an olive bar, and spanakopita during the cocktail hour.

A couple’s story often includes their families. One partner or both may wish to pay tribute to their family traditions with their wedding theme. A family’s cultural background can inspire an engaging theme through food, music, and decorations.

Whether your family has been here for one hundred years or recently immigrated, you can mine your history for ideas. Research can be a fun way to learn about your roots or those of your new family.

On the other hand, you may not need to do a lot of research. A couple  from Texas might like their reception to be a tribute to the Lone Star State. Maybe a bride from North Carolina wants to serve Carolina barbecue for dinner.

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Elements of Style

A wedding theme idea that seems wildly different from the couple’s personalities may kill the vibe. Authenticity matters in a wedding theme because family and friends come to a wedding to support the new couple. In many cases, the guests have known one partner or both their whole lives. 

The people who love the couple want to celebrate them as they are. If the couple is more casual, an ultra-formal white tie affair might unsettle guests. Conversely, if you’ve kept your Disney princess obsession under wraps, family might be confused by your “Be Our Guest” theme.

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Incorporating Tradition into your Wedding Theme

A wedding tradition like, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue,” is well-known. It is a way to incorporate family heirlooms into your special day. Couples may wish to include other traditions into their wedding, or to establish new ones.

First, consider any cultural traditions that may be meaningful to one family or both. Religious beliefs and practices may be a part of the ceremony as well as the reception. Weddings can be a great opportunity to share your heritage with friends and guests.

Next, couples may want to think about traditional foods and drinks from their families’ countries of origin. A couple may wish to prepare these items themselves or together with family members for a personal touch. On the other hand, in the interest of convenience during a busy time, couples may opt for a vendor.

Traditional music is another option that can make a wedding theme idea stand out. Talk to your ceremony and reception venues, deejay or band if there are any special accommodations for instruments or songs.

This could also be a fun time for a couple to discuss starting new traditions, like repurposing your guest book. Rather than putting the book away in an attic somewhere, and bring it out for other important occasions. Preserve a meaningful record of the friends and family who joined you to observe your marriage’s important milestones.

table set up at wedding reception

No Such Thing as a Bad Wedding Theme Idea

There are no wrong or right personalities, so there are no bad wedding theme ideas that fit a couple’s personality. A wedding theme that effortlessly reflects each partner and their collective identity as a couple is the right theme. 

Whatever your wedding theme, Adagio Djay Entertainment can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. We can provide ceremony packages, as well as standalone services. Our offerings include disc jockeys or live music, mood lighting, dance instruction, even videography and invitations.

We know couples put a lot of time, effort, and thought into their wedding themes, and we take that seriously. Contact Adagio Djay Entertainment to start make your wedding theme ideas a reality. You can talk to us, check availability, or fill out an information request form.

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