Destination Wedding Locations: Make Your Wedding Magical 

Destination Wedding Locations: Make Your Wedding Magical 

While you’re planning your destination wedding, it’s so important to focus on making it magical. Celebrating a love story anywhere is something dazzling. However, celebrating somewhere brand new will give you a new sense of adventure, a ton of incredible stories, and a tasteful getaway.

So, we wanted to put together a list of destination weddings for every type of couple. Whether you like to take a break and relax or explore with family and friends, these destination spots will take your breath away. Having destination weddings have a lot of benefits as well. 

Destination weddings can be less expensive, more intimate, and a lot more casual and relaxing. Just think, you could be sipping a Mai Tai minutes before walking down the aisle made of beach sand. Below, find the destination wedding spot that’s just right for you and your significant other. 

If you’re looking to make your wedding day extra special, Adagio Djay Entertainment creates the ideal atmosphere for your celebration with wonderful family and friends. Setting the stage for first dances, creating expertly crafted playlists, and planning a day you won’t forget – all Adagio Djay Entertainment’s expertise. For an unforgettable day and night, learn more.

Lovely wedding couple poses before the Eiffel Tower in Paris

If you want to go explore

Exploring is all about going on scenic hikes, taking tours of the city you’re in, and trying new things. Is that the type of couple you are? Then these explorative destination weddings will be the best for you.

Destination Weddings to Explore:

  • Hawaii: Yes, Hawaii has the most beautiful beaches out there. However, it’s also full of incredible experiences to endure and see. Visit the North Shore and enjoy watching the surfers. Go on a hike up Diamond Head and appreciate Honolulu from above. Learn how to surf in the calmer beaches of Oahu. 
  • Any spot in Europe: Europe is the definition of romantic. There are tons of famous places to tour and discover while you’re there. The little villages and breathtaking architecture is the ideal backdrop for a destination wedding. 
  • Central America: Central America has beautiful resorts where you can relax, however, their off the beaten path excursions are ones you won’t soon forget. The colonial towns of Leon and Granada are full of exploration along with the beautiful Masaya Volcano National Park in Nicaragua. Consider the vibrant culture of Costa Rica or staying in the Kanantik Reef and Jungle Resort in Belize. 

soft focus of beautiful flower decoration in the beach wedding ceremony

If you want to relax

Relaxing is all about lounging by the pool, taking the time to read a good book near the beach, and sipping a fancy drink at a high-class restaurant. Is that the type of couple you are? Then these relaxing destination weddings will be your guide. A quick tip: Always be sure to read up on obtaining a marriage license abroad.

Destination Weddings to Relax:

  • Caribbean Islands: Remember, for this spot, you’ll have to provide proof of citizenship and, possibly, a nominal fee. Rent a villa or a yacht for the celebration. Between St. Thomas, St. Croix, and St. John, we are sure you’ll find the ideal place to celebrate. Magens Bay, on St. Thomas, is one of the most photographed beaches in the Caribbean. 
  • Bermuda: Be sure you have proof of citizenship and a required residency before your ceremony in Bermuda. They’re pretty strict here as well.  
  • Mexico: Can you see the beach resort and colorful culture? Mexico is always accommodating for weddings and an ideal spot to revel in the relaxing. Be sure to check out hotel websites to see if they have unique wedding packages you can purchase. 
  • Aruba: This spot is known for its perfect sunshiney weather and gorgeous beaches. You won’t have a bad day for a wedding here. 

newly married couple in front of cruise ship

If you want to do both

Perhaps you love to relax and get out there to try new things. If that’s the case, these destinations will be ideal for both types of fun. 

Destination Weddings to Do it All:

  • Cruises: Take a journey! Here, you can enjoy an adventure or a relaxing afternoon by the pool. Best of both worlds, ideally. Also, cruises come with an abundance of extras: kitchens, musicians, photographers, and lots of meeting spaces for your guests. 
  • Jamaica: Jamaica has a variety of options for a destination wedding. You can enjoy its beautiful beaches or explore Mayfield Falls and Dunn’s River Falls, for example. Take a dip in the gorgeous warm Blue Lagoon or snorkel in Montego Bay Marine Park.
  • Bahamas: Whether you want to be blissed out and laid back or jumping into a sea of adventure, Bahamas has both. There are 700 islands in the Bahamas, all stock full of options like sailing, fishing, shopping, spas, clubbing, or snorkeling. 

A Few Destination Wedding Tips:

It’s easy to get a little overwhelmed planning a destination wedding that’s far, far away. But don’t fret. Here are some quick tips:

  • Create a helpful destination wedding planning checklist.
  • If you’re thinking of a beach wedding specifically try these quick and easy solutions: wear a simple dress, try a casual updo for your hairstyle, and always communicate a lot with guests. If you need more quick tips, try these. 
  • Stay in tune to your wedding budget and track accordingly. Perhaps a non-weekend wedding is for you (it’s a lot cheaper). Make sure to prioritize what you spend (spreadsheets are helpful) and stay open-minded about your options. Read up on more financial destination wedding tips here. 
  • Keep “destination wedding etiquette” in mind while you’re getting ready and traveling to your spot. Sometimes, you can host a welcome party or a farewell brunch (a common practice during destination weddings). However, if you’re feeling tight on some things money-wise, feel free to bypass those. Here are some additional etiquette tips.

Now, it’s time to plan that destination wedding. Have a chat with your significant other and decide if you’re an adventurous couple, would instead relax, or do both. There are options for all the above. 

Bride and groom in a room with frescoes in a historical building, Venice, Italy

Party at home

A common thing for many couples who choose destination weddings to consider is a reception at home after the ceremony abroad. Since it is impossible for all of your friends and family to travel for a wedding, include them in your special day by scheduling a more casual get together closer to your guests.

If you are interested in a destination wedding but don’t want to sacrifice celebrating with friends and family, check out Adagio Djay Entertainment for help planning every part of your special day. Even if you choose a low-key reception with snacks and a DJ, we have your back.  Call us today and let us help you plan the after-party to your destination wedding.

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