First Dance Lessons: To Do or Not To Do?

Your wedding is fast approaching, and you most likely want everything to be just the way you’ve imagined. One aspect of the reception may be weighing on your minds: your first dance as a married couple. It’s a moment where you are the center of attention, and the dance needs to be a representation of your love for each other, your style, and your flair. No pressure!

Your first dance is not only a special moment between you and your spouse, but it is also one that you share with all of your guests as they watch. You want your first dance to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Whether you are looking to learn how to just get comfortable, or learn how to ballroom dance, or you have a big dance routine in mind for your special day, wedding dance lessons can help you prepare. Even if you consider yourself an excellent dancer, coordinating a dance with your partner is different than a night on the town. At Adagio, we’ve helped hundreds of couples select the music for their first dance, and we’ve also helped them learn how to dance to it–we can help you too!

Wedding Dance
How Can Wedding Dance Lessons Help You?

Whether you’ve never really danced before or are an experienced dancer, wedding dance lessons can help you have the time of your life out on the dance floor. Adagio Djay Entertainment is here to help with a single dance lesson or a lesson package.

Some couples are ready to go with just one lesson to learn some basics or tweak the moves they already know, while others prefer a series of lessons to learn a new dance or improve together. We offer three, five, and eight-lesson packages, depending on your goals, preferences, and budget.

Our team of experienced dance instructors takes a personalized approach to your dance lessons. We consider your song choice, experience, and natural inclination for dance as we guide you through your private lessons.

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At Adagio, our lessons are genuinely private, not just one-on-two. You’re in a private room, just you, your partner, and your instructor, so you can stop and start as many times as you need, and you can laugh and get comfortable with each other as you work through your inhibitions and break in your dancing shoes.

There are several ways that lessons can benefit you and your partner.

Wedding Dance Lessons Increase Your Confidence

Wedding Dance

When you imagine your first dance as a married couple, you might feel a little uneasy about your dancing abilities, especially in front of all of your guests. You want to make sure that your first dance is excellent instead of just mediocre.

If you are worried about fumbling through your first dance, lessons can boost your confidence and prepare you for your big day. While your first dance is a special moment between you and your spouse, you also want to feel confident in front of your guests as they share in your moment. After taking lessons, you will feel ready to dance in front of your guests without making mistakes or feeling awkward.

Wow Your Guests With Something Special

A first dance doesn’t always have to be a traditional fox-trot or ballroom dance. There are lots of ways that couples can express their personalities through their first dance and entertain their guests at the same time. We can help you with dance moves from swing, salsa, rumba, kizomba, or a combination of styles for a classy, sophisticated expression of your partnership.

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Dance lessons are a fantastic way to learn some new, flashy moves and impress your guests. Whether you are looking to add some flair to your classical dance, or you want to perform a choreographed number, wedding dance lessons can help you make your dance special.

Your guests will love watching you perform, and you’ll make lasting memories while you have fun – and show off a little, too.

Wedding Dance

Spend Some Extra Time With Your Partner

Is the planning process of your wedding keeping you and your partner running in different directions all the time? Wedding dance lessons can be a fabulous way to reconnect and spend some quality time enjoying each other during an otherwise stressful and busy time.

Making time to take dance lessons allows you to spend some much-needed time together having fun and practicing for your big day. Dance lessons can serve as a date night, and practicing your moves gets you up close and focused on each other. You might also realize that dancing could be a fun hobby for the two of you to enjoy together.

Learn a Fun Skill

Wedding Dance

Chances are you and your soon-to-be spouse will attend future events together where dancing is on the agenda. Weddings, parties, benefits, and other formal social gatherings often include dancing.

After taking your dance lessons, you and your partner have acquired a new skill. You will know what to do on the dance floor and have the confidence to participate in any dancing that comes your way.

Are Dance Lessons Right For You?

Some people might feel entirely comfortable in front of a large crowd dancing for the first time with their new spouse, but if that’s not the case for you and your partner, dance lessons are a fabulous way to teach you how to slow dance, boost your confidence, and expand your abilities.

If you are looking to improve your abilities, or you are starting from square one, dance lessons will give you the confidence and practice you need to make your first dance memorable and unique.

Let The Professionals Help

Wedding Dance


Let the award-winning dance instructors at Adagio Djay Entertainment teach you how to look polished and to feel confident on the dance floor. Our private lessons will prepare you to wow your guests while you share a memorable moment with your spouse.

Enjoy spending time with your partner as you take a break from the stress and planning of your wedding to learn to dance confidently and naturally. You’ll appreciate the care and consideration we put into each private lesson. Whether you’re looking to learn how to slow dance, or to perform for your guests together, Adagio Djay Entertainment will have you ready for your special day.

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