How to Be an Honorable Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor

Being a maid of honor is a great and exciting role to play for a wedding. Outside of the bride and groom themselves, the maid of honor is arguably the next most important person in the planning process of the wedding. We hope this article can be a great resource for you to share with your maid of honor or use yourself if you are one. In case you’ve never been a maid of honor before let’s go over what your role is going to be.

Before the Wedding

  1. Plan the Bachelorette Party – It’s a good idea to always consult the bride before planning this event but once you two nail down a plan it’s your job to execute. For the financial part of this, the usual route is that costs of the party are split evenly amongst those invited.
  2. Help Pick Out Dresses
    1. Communicate Hairstyles, Makeup & Dress Decisions to other Bridesmaids
  3. Offer to Help with Odds & Ends
    1. Addressing Invite Envelopes
    2. Rehearsal Planning & Logistics

Day of the Wedding

  1. Keeping the Bride Happy – This is the most important thing you can do for the bride on the day of the wedding. But what does that look like? Here are a couple of things to consider:
    1. Leading Other Bridesmaids – Make sure you know when and where and what each person is supposed to be doing and help them if they get off track. These are things like hair, makeup, showing up on time, lining up in the correct order, having the correct bouquets and more. You’ll save the bride a load of stress by doing this well and she will thank you for it later
    2. Don’t Lose the Ring – You will be the one who has the Grooms ring, find a safe place to keep it. Some dresses have pockets; however, we think on your thumb will be the best spot
  1. Giving Your Speech – This is another very important piece of the wedding and maybe the one you’re most nervous for as well. Preparation is key to giving a funny and entertaining speech. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:
    1. Don’t Be Afraid – You’ve talked your entire life, you’re going to be able to talk up there in front of everyone. It might be tempting to write your entire speech and just read from it although these are not usually the best speeches. Instead, keep track of what you’re going to say with bullets or topics. It makes things more authentic and more fun. If you start feeling those butterflies in your stomach, have faith and speak out anyway. Somehow the right words just seem to come out when you face your fears head on.
    2. Know Your Audience – It is good to tell stories that are funny and sometimes embarrassing but use your wisdom to make sure you don’t cross the line. Does the Brides dad really need to know that about her or is that just too far? Also, we always recommend ending on a positive note.

Now there you have it! You know your roles and have a couple tips on how to best complete them as well! With being an “Honorable, Maid of Honor” the biggest thing is knowing what to do and doing your best to make sure you are doing it and not the Bride. This day is all about her and you want to do everything you can do to make her life easier and more enjoyable. If you are willing to serve her and roll up your sleeves, you will make a great maid of honor!

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