6 Tips for Hosting a Post-Wedding Party For Your Loved Ones

6 Tips for Hosting a Post-Wedding Party For Your Loved Ones

Nothing can stand in the way of love. When it comes time to tie the knot, couples will move heaven and earth to form their new family. However, these last few years have been hard on travel plans and large family gatherings. 

Many couples were unable to bring all of their loved ones to witness their wedding day. Fortunately, restrictions and schedules are finally opening up.

2023 promises to be an important time to host post wedding party. It’s when you can invite all your friends and family to celebrate this new chapter in your life – even if it’s not on an original day. 

But what, exactly, are the customs? How should you host a wedding party for your loved ones who were unable to attend your wedding day?  

Adagio Djay offers services necessary for the post-wedding celebration, which includes personalized DJ services, dance instruction, mood lighting, and many more. Visit us and know us more on our page. We can share more than a few party ideas to help you plan a post-wedding party that both sides of your newly-forged family will love.

What is a Post-Wedding Party?

A post-wedding party is a reception that you throw after the original wedding. Travel and gathering restrictions over the last few years caused a lot of couples to get married remotely or with an extremely small guest list. 

A post-wedding party is the best way to celebrate with everyone now that those restrictions are gone.

1. Essentially: It’s a Reception

The best tip we can give couples planning a post-wedding party is that you’re planning the reception without the ceremony. 

You might incorporate some aspects of the ceremony or a mini-ceremony to honor the wedding party you wish could have been there (or recreate the final kiss). But the big event is where your family gets together to drink and dance the night away in your honor.

You’ll need a big venue, a dance floor, drinks, snacks, and music. The decoration is up to you, and whatever best represents your style as a couple.

2. The Cake and Catering

Should there be a wedding cake? Absolutely, yes!

newly wed couple and a three-layered cake

Wedding cakes are typically big enough to share with your entire guest list. Now is your chance to splurge on a multi-layer cake for the entire family to admire, then share one slice at a time.

You should also consider serving a meal or very hearty hors-d’oeuvres, as celebrating a wedding is hungry work. We suggest the buffet style instead of a seated/plated dinner service to create a more casual and joyful atmosphere. 

Include a few dietary-friendly options clearly labeled in the spread so everyone you know (and their unknown plus-ones) can find something tasty to re-energize between dances.

3. Do Your Wedding Photography Early

If you’ve been dreaming of the day you get to take wedding photos with all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, do this before the big post-wedding party reception. Your photographer will likely suggest taking photos during The Golden Hour (sunset) when the light is best. 

Choose your location, get dressed up, take photos, then prepare for the party. You can also book your party photographer or videographer at the same time to make sure this party creates some lasting memories.

4. Keep it Classy, Yet Casual

Everyone loves to dress up for a wedding, but without the formal ceremony, there’s no need to go all-out formal. Choose a lighter, easier-to-wear look for your wedding party that allows you to keep it classy – while encouraging everyone to show up in their dancing shoes

Laying out tables and decorations, consider fun things like centerpieces that wedding guests can take home – whole or in parts – and gift bags to create memories.

5. Open With the Toasts

One of the best ways to make the event feel formal and focused on your recent wedding is to hold toasts at the beginning of the event. Pass out glasses and welcome everyone to your wedding party, especially your close social circle, to take their opportunity for a toast. 

Members of the wedding party have this opportunity to stand beside you and share their feelings. At the same time, the audience can feel that they are witnessing an important family moment for both newlyweds, even though the vows have already occurred.

6. Dance Into the Night

Couple dancing in their Post-Wedding Party

Finally, make sure you have a great DJ who knows how to make the bride and groom the center of attention. Adajio offers exquisite DJ services for post-wedding parties that will keep the event classy and fun at the same time, with all the right dances to suit the mood of the crowd and the vibe of your post-wedding party. 

Adagio Post Wedding Planning

A post-wedding party is a unique wedding celebration to help reconnect to your friends and family after marrying at a time when they couldn’t attend. With Adagio Djay, you can enjoy a personalized and boutique-style wedding experience. 

Let us help you recreate that special day to honor you as a happy couple and your family as your loving support system. Contact us today to learn more.

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