How the Right DJ Can Help Minimize Stress

How the Right DJ Can Help Minimize Stress

As you read the title, you may be wondering how a DJ company would know about wedding planning or how to reduce stress. Well turns out everyone knows what a bad DJ sounds like, but what does the right DJ do? Simple reduces your stress! The following post will explain the three main ways they do it and how Adagio Djay Entertainment is the right one for you.

The Right DJ is on the same page as you

  • It’s important to make sure that everyone has the same goal when it comes to your wedding. And that’s you have the best day ever! Whether that happens by having intricate flower arrangements or simple place settings, a detailed playlist, or basic genres in mind. That’s why at Adagio Djay Entertainment, we have all of our DJs talk with their couples about two weeks before the wedding to go over all the details of the day. Some conversations take 45 while others take 15. However long or detailed we want to have it all covered so your day can be the best!

The Right DJ wants you to be in the spotlight

  • Have you ever been to a wedding where it felt like the DJ was on the mic every 10 minutes? At Adagio Djay, we remember whose day it is and make sure our couples are the center of attention. We have each of our couples let us know how much interaction they want to have with their DJ. Do they want a moderate amount of announcements over the mic or would they like the DJ to only announce the dances? Whatever you choose, it’s our goal to

The Right DJ is a team player

  • The best wedding days are ones that run smoothly with minimal hiccups. This happens because all the vendors are working together to make your dream day come true. The right DJ will collaborate with other vendors on your special day to make sure everyone is on the same page. That means we’ll step in and help excuse tables for dinner if catering needs help. We’ll also check in with your officiant to see what their verbal cue will be to start the recessional song. And we’ll 100% talk with your photographer to make sure they don’t miss special moments like the grand march and the first dance. If you have a wedding coordinator, will double-check our timelines with theirs and touch base throughout the day. Dream teams work best when they work together.

Conclusion to How the Right DJ Can Help Minimize Stress

Wedding planning can be stressful. There are so many moving pieces coming together to make the perfect day. Having a DJ that’s on the same page as you ensures that there won’t be any surprises (at least where the music is concerned). And the fewer surprises the better. A DJ who takes the spotlight away from the couple misses the whole point of the day. Knowing that your DJ is there to celebrate your love and keep the day centered around you will help you rest easy and enjoy the day even more. In summary, Adagio Djay Entertainment has all three qualities that will make your wedding the day of your dreams!


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