How to Make Your DJ Experience Unique: Part 2

How to Make Your DJ Experience Unique: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the series for How to Make Your DJ Experience Unique! Last time we talked about how the grand march and the dance floor could be excellent ways to display your personality as a couple. Today we’re excited to talk about how to make your DJ experience unique for the ceremony and speeches. We’ll be drawing from previous weddings Adagio Djay Entertainment has had the pleasure of working. There will even be an example from one of our very own DJs currently planning their own wedding. So you won’t want to miss out! 

The Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is what everyone has been waiting for. It’s a big deal, and lots of planning goes into that life-changing “I do.” While you have a captive audience of eager guests, it’s the perfect opportunity to show what makes your love special. That display can start as soon as the wedding processional begins. Adagio’s very own DJ Carlie is in the middle of planning her own wedding and shared her thoughts on the matter.

“I realize how nervous my fiance and I will be on the big day. I’ve seen it countless times before at different weddings. Once a groom said he would finally breathe easy once the ceremony was over. And honestly, he’s not alone. So to help with nerves, my fiance and I want to start having fun right from the beginning with the wedding party processional. We chose the song Concerning Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings soundtrack because it’s beautiful yet lighthearted. Is it unconventional? Yes, but it also reflects our favorite movies and how we just want everyone to relax and have a good time. Honestly, it’s important to have fun with your song choices. Not just for the dance portion. I’ve seen too many couples stressing over getting everything right. So we decided to choose that song that reminds us to have fun.”

DJ Carlie makes an excellent point. You should have a great time on your special day. So do whatever helps to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. Whether that be a special song that reminds you to have fun, or a dance your wedding party does down the aisle. There’s even a trend of having flower guys take the place of flower girls. That’s right, full-grown men waltzing down the aisle and comedically tossing flower petals to warm up the crowd before the bride’s grand entrance. Dedintatly something your guests will remember.

We’ve had couples incorporate special tree planting, unity candles, or sand ceremonies during their wedding to signify their union. Our DJs will happily help you select a song to play as the perfect background music during that time. Adagio Djay Entertainment can also help with the extra features you have planned. Maybe you have a friend who will sing a song for you, and you’ll need another mic. Perhaps you have live musicians that need to amplify their instruments. You name it, Adagio Djay can make it happen! 

Toasts and Speeches

There’s nothing like using a toast to share your love for the newly married couple. However, many often overlook the unique options available during speeches. So here are four examples to help demonstrate how fun the speeches portion of your reception can be. 

  • Go with the Theme
    • One wedding had a Dungeons and Dragons theme. So naturally, one of the groomsmen asked to have their speech introduced with flashing lights and dramatic instrumental music. After getting approval from the bride, we made it happen, and it’s one we won’t soon forget!
  • Spoof the Crowd
    • We love when the bridal party tag teams with the DJ to make a memorable moment. For example, one time, the bride’s sisters wanted to make it look like the DJ was about to play a beat for the bridesmaid’s rap they had prepared. 
  • Special Song
    • A father of the groom once asked us to play a song he had created for the newly wedded couple. It was a family tradition that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.
  • Slide Show
    • What better way to showcase your love than with a slide show? You can coordinate with your DJ to have the perfect song playing during the slide show as well!

Conclusion to How to Make Your DJ Experience Unique: Part 2

There are so many ways to have fun with your wedding. First, pick songs that create the mood you want your guests to feel right from the beginning. Then, get creative with your speeches by staying on theme, spoofing the crowd, and playing a special song or slideshow. The examples above are just the beginning of all the fun you can have with two different aspects of your wedding day. Adagio Djay Entertainment is excited to help bring your wedding dreams to life with the perfect song!

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