Say Yes to the Dress! 5 Tips you Must Know Before You Start Shopping

Wedding Dress

Dress shopping should be a fun and exhilarating experience for you but there are a few things you should consider before you go. At Adagio, we hope that these 5 tips will help ensure that you have exciting and stress-free shopping experience!

  1. Dress Silhouettes > Dress Details – First off, by no means are we saying that the little details of the dress are not important. In fact, a well-placed ruffle, stitching or pearl buttons can be the difference between a good and a great dress. What we are suggesting is that before you start being finicky about all the small details first find the dress silhouette that works best for you. Find what compliments your body shape and what type of dress fits into your “personal style”. Many gown designers recommend this advice. We are just sharing what the experts are saying.
  2. Early Appointment > Late Appointment – We suggest that you be the first appointment of the day when it comes shopping for your dress. You may be wondering why we would suggest this? Well, many professional wedding consultants say this is the best time because they haven’t dealt with a million client questions and concerns yet. You’re the first one of the day so you get the privilege of getting the full attention and energy of your consultant. On a side note, the store will also be less crowded and dresses will be less picked through too.
  3. New Bra > Old Bra – We know this might sound kind of obvious but it is something that many dress shoppers never consider. First off, it’s so important to have a well-fitting bra with good support when you’re shopping for dresses. It will make your shopping experience go so much smoother. Plus, on your wedding day you’re not going to be wearing an old bra you’ve had since college so why should you when you’re shopping for your dress. Finally, on a positive phycology side, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your skivvies and looking in the mirror. Why not wear something that makes your look and feel beautiful!
  4. Your Favorite Dresses > Overloading with Options – When it comes to trying on dresses how many should you try on? As you would probably expect there is no perfect number of dresses but we know you’re going to try on as many as it takes to find the perfect one. However, we highly recommend not overloading yourself with the number of stores or the number of dresses you try on. You will stress yourself out and add confusion to your shopping experience if you make this mistake. Take a tip from wedding consultant experts; they say that 9 times out of 10 customers come back to the first salon they visited and buy their favorite gown there. That means go with your gut! Finally, one quick tip when choosing a salon to go to, find a bridal shop that carries your top 3 favorite designers and “gets” your style.
  5. Larger Dress Sizes > Smaller Dress Sizes – When you are shopping for wedding dresses there is one thing we want you to know that is so important! It will save you stress and worry so don’t freak out but know that wedding dresses run 2 to 3 sizes larger than your regular size! When you try them on, many times they will feel way too big, don’t worry, this is normal! Your tailor will solve this problem for you so be sure you are looking at the dress and not just the label!

We hope these quick tips were helpful for you and that you have a great dress shopping experience!

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