That’s a Good Sign … Right?

After DJ-ing a wedding a few months ago where the dance was put on a brief hiatus due to a tornado that was ripping through the White Bear Lake area. We had to make our way to the basement for about an hour as a safety precaution. On the way to the basement I overheard several guests consoling the bride, saying “Rain on your wedding day is a good sign, so a Tornado must be really good luck!”

The bride cracked a smile and we were able to resume the dance an hour later, but it got me to thinking about wedding superstitions. As a baseball fan I know all to well about superstitions. Don’t step on the chalk line when you walk onto the field, don’t tell a pitcher what his pitch count is, and NEVER (under any circumstances) speak a word about the no-hitter in progress unless you want someone to throw a hot dog at you.

What’s considered good luck and what is considered a bad omen for your wedding?

I found an article on where people submitted their own wedding superstitions that they have either heard, or practiced in order to put them in good standing with the “wedding gods.”

Here are a few of our favorites:

Hang Gift Bows Over the Door
The couple should hang all the gift’s bows in a bunch over the front door for a year. It brings good luck.

Tears of Pearls
The bride should wear pearls on her wedding day to ensure she would not cry.

Over the Threshold
When a newly married couple enters their home, the groom should carry the bride over the threshold because if the bride should stumble entering the home, it is a bad omen.

Tying Tin Cans
Tying tin cans to the back of the newlywed’s car is good luck because the noise will frighten away evil spirits.

Ripped Wedding Dress
If your wedding dress is ripped on the day before your wedding, it means that your marriage will end in death! (keep in mind that one of the vows does say “til death do us part” so I would take this as a good omen)

Lucky Day to Marry
The Victorians believed it was lucky to marry on a day during the week the groom was born. But the luckiest day to marry was on the groom’s actual birthday.

Stand-In Bride
The bride is never supposed to practice walking down the aisle during her rehearsal or it will bring bad luck. The most popular alternative is to ask a close friend not in the wedding party to be your “Stand in Bride.”

Penny Loafer
Put a penny in your shoe for wealth in your marriage

I’m on the left and you’re on the right
The bride is on the left side of the groom in Christian marriages so that the groom could have easy access to his sword to defend his bride from rival suitors.

The Second-Hand of the Clock
Rumor has it that couples should marry when the minute-hand of the clock is going up instead of going down. For example 2:30p or 10:45a.

If you want to check out some more superstitions go to:

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