The Best Ways to Use Your Wedding DJ

The Best Ways to Use Your Wedding DJ

Choosing an excellent DJ is one thing. Knowing how to fully get your money’s worth is another. The following information includes key things to know to get the most out of your wedding DJ experience.

Clearly communicate

When booking with Adagio Djay Entertainment, your assigned DJ will reach out to you prior to your wedding for a phone call. During that call, you’ll talk about the timeline, specific song requests, and other essential music details of your day. The more we know about what you want, the better to make your special day stress free and fun.

Tell us about your guests

How many people do you plan on attending? The size of the reception will let your DJ know if you’re going for a more intimate gathering or a grand affair. However, size is sometimes just a number. Will there be people from out of town wanting to chat and catch up? Or So let your DJ know if your group is more laid-back, ready to get the party started, or just need the right song to encourage dance participation. Our DJs are up to the task!

The average age of your group will determine a couple of things as well. What songs to play earlier in the night vs. later in the evening. Genres the crowd might gravitate towards. Your DJ will know what songs will get everyone on the dance floor. A mixed group means a varied array of song genres. Adagio DJ’s goal is to ensure everyone is having a great time.

Let us know any specific needs for your special day

We believe there is NOT a one-size-fits-all for the most special day of your life. Instead, your wedding should reflect you and your beloved are as a couple and demonstrate the uniqueness of your love. For example, will there be a slideshow that will need backup music? Do you need an extra mic for the musician you have booked? Is there a particular song to play during the cake cutting? These examples, and more, are how Adagio can tailor its services for you. So take advantage!

Three areas to consider for music during the day of your wedding

  1. Prelude/Ceremony: Will you have live music or have selected songs for your DJ to play?
  1. Social Hour/Dinner: You can select a genre for your DJ to play, curate your own playlist, or a combination of the two. Another option is to have live musicians.
  1. Dance

At Adagio Djay Entertainment, we remember whose day it is. That’s we want to know what you want to hear. Not every couple wants to dance to the latest Top 40. You might be more into alternative rock, 80 Pop, or even Showtunes! While the right song gets the party started, the wrong song can kill it just as quickly. So let us know if there are specific artists or genres you’re not into. Don’t like Taylor Swift? No Problem! We can “Shake it off” the playlist to make room for more of your favorite songs and artists.

Get Creative

Is there something that you think would be a fun idea? Then, let’s figure out how to make it happen! For example, a grand march doesn’t have to be just another entrance. One of the couples Adagio worked with last year wanted the grand march to feel like a sporting event with the DJ introducing all the bridal party members like a sports announcer. Others have created light tunnels for the newlywed couple to walk through. While some have used multiple songs to reflect the personalities of the bridal party.

Conclusion to The Best Ways to Use Your Wedding DJ

The tips discussed above will help you get the most out of your DJ experience. Communicate with your DJ about your needs, wants, and fun ideas. We’re here to make your day exactly how you want it. Whether that be simple and laid back or highly detailed and extravagant. Get creative and have fun! Adagio is excited to celebrate with you on your day your way.

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