Tips for Writing Meaningful Vows

Tips for Writing Meaningful Vows

When you get down to it, your wedding vows are the most significant part of your wedding ceremony. It is your opportunity to express your true feelings to your partner. You are laying your inner self bare for the world to see.

This prospect is daunting for some people. The thought of being so open and vulnerable with so many witnesses can be terrifying. But, if you follow our tips and tricks, you have no reason to fear. 

Adagio DJay Entertainment is here to help you make the most of this momentous moment. Let us teach you how to write your best wedding vows. Even though it may seem overwhelming, you will see that it will all be worth it when you are standing in front of your friends and family, sharing your love story.

Along with the wedding toasts, vows are a fantastic way for your guests to get a deeper glimpse into you as a couple. For inspiration, take a look at some of these traditional wedding vows from different cultures. You can use some of the sentiments that speak to you in your own vows. 

Now, let’s start writing your vows.

bride and groom during wedding

Don’t forget to express your love

Obvious though it may seem, make sure you tell your partner how much you love them. The basis of your life together should be the love you feel for each other. It may seem cliche, but don’t leave those three little words out of your vows.

Through sickness and health

Most traditional vows include some passage on sticking it through in the good times and bad. You should have your eyes open when walking down the altar and starting your new life. 

Every relationship will have its ups and downs. Promise your partner that you will weather the storms together. Enjoy the good times and fight through the bad. 

Your marriage is a choice you will make together day after day. Start making that choice on your wedding day. 

Make it personal

Everyone loves getting a little glimpse into other people’s lives. Your guests are there to celebrate you. Add some personal stories into your vows to help your partner, and your guests, connect to this moment. 

Don’t be afraid to talk about the highs and lows of your relationship. If you only touch on the good times, your vows may ring false. The more honest you are in your vows, the more meaningful they will be. 

Pick your promises

When you write your vows, you should actually make vows to your partner. You aren’t just sharing stories or anecdotes; you are making promises for your life together. 

Your wedding ceremony is the embodiment of the earnest commitment you are making to your partner. Promise to be there for each other, but also add in some personal promises. 

Swear you will be the one to take out the trash or kill all the spiders — promise to open doors or bring breakfast in bed, the more personal, the better. 

bride and groom at wedding

Acknowledge your loved ones-

And the part they played in your relationship. Recognize that you will need their guidance and support in the days and years to come. 

Maybe your parent’s marriage is an inspiration to you, let them know. Don’t spend too much time on this one, but your loved ones will appreciate the recognition. 

Remember, though; your vows are yours. Don’t force any of these suggestions if it feels too forced. Your significant other and guests will be able to tell if you are trying too hard. Above all, be yourself. 

If you are still struggling, we have a few tips for you to get you started. 

Don’t put them off to the last minute

Try to have your vows entirely written at least three full weeks before the big day. You will want time with the words. Make yourself familiar with them; they should be second nature. 

You will be glad of the extra rehearsal time when you are standing in front of your significant other. Those wedding day jitters will be less likely to get the better of you.

Brainstorm before you begin

Don’t try to start with full sentences. Take some time to jot down all your thoughts on what you want your vows to be.  Some examples include-

  • All the things you love and appreciate in your future spouse
  • The things your most looking forward to in your marriage
  • Promise you want to make to your significant other

Once you have a page, or several pages, of notes, you can work the best ones into your vows.

Write multiple drafts

Very rarely is our first go at a writing project our best work. We recommend giving yourself some time between each pass at your vows. Let the words simmer and come back to them with fresh eyes.

That way, you will end up with better and more polished vows. The trick is not to drive yourself crazy. You can overdo it with writing and rewriting. 

Three drafts are more than enough. Any more than that could be considered overkill. 

Enough is enough

You might be tempted to include more than you need to. It would be best if you accepted the reality that you won’t be able to fit everything you want into your vows. Cuts will need to be made. 

Your brainstorming session will really help you decide the most significant bits to include. 

Stay away from absolutes

Avoid the words always and never. While it is important to make promises, you should strive to make promises that you can keep. You will never achieve perfection in your marriage, that should be true of your vows as well. 

groom reading vows

Practice makes perfect

You should read your vows out loud at least three times before your wedding day. If you read it in front of an audience, that’s even better. 

As anyone who has spent time speaking in public will tell you, nerves can get the better of you. Those practice sessions will help you feel more secure when you are standing in front of all your guests. 

When you are ready to start planning your wedding, contact Adagio DJay Entertainment for all your wedding planning needs. Your wedding is safe in our hands.

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