So You Want a Packed Dance Floor?

Dance Floor

So You Want a Packed Dance Floor?

At Adagio, we see it time after time. So many couples wonder and sometimes worry about having a packed dance floor. It’s a legitimate concern with all the horror stories out there about bad DJ’s running the night. Thankfully you are looking a prestige and high-class company. We want to spend some time addressing this issue and explaining why it really isn’t something you need to worry about when you have a quality DJ.

A packed dance floor comes down to just a few things.

Music Choices

When you invest in a quality DJ they are going to have more experience and professionalism them most. They will pay attention to the small details and see how people are responding to their song choices. They will not only know what to play but when to play it. We highly suggest that you put trust in your DJ’s judgment. He or she has most likely had years of experience and seeing hundreds of dances. With experience comes wisdom and thus you will have a higher chance of a packed dance floor.

Bride/Groom Participation

Surprisingly many couples don’t realize truly how big of an impact they themselves on their dancefloor. When the bride, groom or both are out of the dance floor and having fun it attracts more of the guests. In many cases, they can even help influence people to come out the dance floor that normally wouldn’t step foot on a dance floor. It is truly one of the hidden secrets that many people never know about.

The Audience

A large part of packing out the dance floor is the audience itself. At some weddings, the guests are simply more prone to dancing and staying out the dance floor. For other weddings, it takes a little more work from the DJ and participants to get others out there dancing. Every audience and group at a wedding is a little different than the next so having a quality DJ that can adapt and play things that will work for your audience is key.

The Bar

Finally, you have the bar. This is the one thing that loosens a lot of people up. It really doesn’t have a lot to do with the DJ, but it does make a big difference when it comes to packing out the dance floor. Our one caution to having alcohol at the wedding is if it gets out of control. Having a bar and thinking about how big of “drinkers” your guests are is definitely something to consider when trying to pack out the dance floor.

All in all, some of the best advice we can give you when it comes to packing out the dance floor is to trust your DJ! Especially when you have a quality and experienced DJ like at Adagio!

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