Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Wedding Ceremony Music

When planning your wedding, you have a lot of ground to cover. From the venue and food to the photographer and DJ, there is a lot to think about and plan. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be a chore. When it comes to choosing the right songs for your special day, you can get creative and have some fun. Whether you’re looking for upbeat wedding songs or the best love songs, your wedding music can have a personal touch.

If you are ready to select your wedding DJ and put together your ceremony playlist, let Adagio Djay Entertainment help you. With knowledgeable music professionals, you’ll have a fantastic ceremony and reception. We offer exceptional service and strive to pair you with a DJ that matches your music selection, desired level of DJ involvement, and type of ceremony. We know how important the best fit is for your event.

Adagio has a catalog of thousands of songs and the ability to add additional songs just for your event. Your DJ will help you select the right music for your ceremony and reception. You’ll be able to customize your playlist, showcasing your personality and style for your special day. Take a look at these suggestions to get you and your future spouse brainstorming about bringing some creativity to your ceremony music.

Wedding Ceremony

Change Things Up

When it comes to the wedding processional, the bride walking down the aisle, or the recessional, you don’t have to stick with traditional songs. While the wedding march has its place, you can go with something that has meaning to you and your partner instead. If Pachelbel’s Canon doesn’t feel like the best fit for your big day, consider using a song that is unique and relevant to you.

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Use a special song for your walk down the aisle, or have a friend or loved one sing for you during the ceremony. Upbeat wedding songs are perfect for fun wedding party recessionals. The time spent reminiscing and deciding on the best ceremony songs will be memory-making as well. Your DJ can help you narrow your choices or make suggestions if you get stuck.

Wedding Ceremony

Inspiration From the Big Screen

Do you and your partner love movies? Whether you spend evenings at home watching classics or enjoy going to the cinema as a couple, movie soundtracks can be a perfect place to discover a special song. Romantic movies often feature some of the best love songs but don’t stop there when looking for inspiration.

Are you both Disney fans? Incorporate a particular song from a movie you enjoy together: for instance, imagine your wedding recessional with Frozen’s “Love is an Open Door” playing. Your guests will love your unique choices, and you’ll be able to share part of your story as a couple.

Instrumental Covers

Wedding Ceremony

Instrumental covers of your favorite songs are a fantastic way to feature a specific song but maintain a more traditional vibe for your ceremony. If you would rather walk down the aisle to an instrumental piece but want to personalize your ceremony with your song, instrumental covers are an excellent choice. An instrumental cover is a nice blend between the popular and the traditional and can be a seamless way to get a song you love into your wedding ceremony.

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Many of your favorite songs have an instrumental counterpart. From Beatles covers to the latest hits of today, you can usually find one for your special song. Vitamin String Quartet’s “A Thousand Years” is a beautiful song to walk down the aisle with, or for the wedding party processional. It, along with many other songs, is available as an instrumental cover.

Songs Recorded by a Loved One

Do you have a dear friend or family member who is a talented singer? Enlisting someone close to you to sing at your ceremony is a memorable way to incorporate your special song. If a live performance won’t work logistically, a recording is an excellent way to include the performance.

Whether you want your friend or loved one to sing your couple’s song, or perhaps a meaningful hymn or lullaby, it’s a beautiful way to add a personal touch. Your guests will enjoy the heartfelt gesture, and it will create a fantastic memory to cherish.

Wedding Ceremony

Look Back on Your Story

Your song choices can be as unique as your love story. Spend some time reminiscing and revisiting some of the key events along the way of your relationship. You will likely find some meaningful songs that accompany those special moments.

Did you and your partner attend a concert together? Did you enjoy your first kiss with a particular song playing in the background? Is there a special song you feel defines your love for each other? You can have some fun thinking back and identifying these moments and remembering the songs that accompanied them.

Let Adagio Guide Your Way

Wedding Ceremony

If you are trying to think of ceremony songs that showcase your personality and style, let Adagio Djay Entertainment inspire you with their comprehensive song catalog and fantastic ideas. We have the experience and knowledge to help you find your unique ceremony songs.

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We love helping couples add a personal touch to their wedding playlist, whether for the ceremony, first dance, or reception. We can help you decide which songs fit best at different places throughout your day and what mood you want to create for your wedding.

Contact us today and let us help you develop a wedding playlist that’s personal and unique. We can help you add your favorite songs into your ceremony in a fun and tasteful way. We love to work with our clients to create a dynamic event that is memorable and personal. Let our exceptional service and attention to detail elevate your big day and provide you with the DJ experience you deserve.

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