Wedding Playlist Tips from the Professionals

Have you ever wondered how many recorded songs are out there in the world?

97 million.

That is the number of recorded songs in 2011, according to MusicHype CEO Kevin King. That huge number is growing every year.

With more than 97 million songs at your disposal, you may think it’s easy to narrow that down to a simple wedding playlist. Just cut out all of the songs that are not love-related, right?

However, it’s more complicated than you might think since there are 3.5 million playlists on Spotify that are wedding-related.

The average dance portion of a wedding reception is usually 4 hours long. If your DJ averages 14-15 songs an hour, that adds up to 60 songs for the evening. So, how do you pare down all of the songs available to the roughly 60 songs you will play during your wedding reception?

Adagio DJ Entertainment has years of experience helping couples choose the wedding playlists that reflect their joy, style, and theme of their wedding. Here are some tips from our DJs about how to build the best wedding playlist for your dream day.

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Tips from the Pros

  • Use Adagio’s online wedding planner. You’ll be able to drag and drop song choices from our extensive music catalog to create lists based on the importance of the song to you. This process allows you to:
    • Narrow down your options, rank, and prioritize them.
    • Organize and share information about your event, such as who will give toasts, wedding party names, order for the grand march, and any other essential details that your DJ needs.
  • Choose roughly 15 “Must Play” songs and then create a list of as many songs as you want for your “Play If Possible” list.
  • Bulk up your “Play If Possible” lists so that there is some flexibility and even some surprises for you as the night goes on. Rounding out the lists helps your DJ get to know you through your music choices.
  • If you and your partner are music aficionados, do not be afraid to add lots of choices to your “Play If Possible” list  or give some notes about your style. Your DJ loves music, too, and supplying them with information about your musical tastes and preferences assists them in choosing songs that you know and love.

Wedding Pary

Go Beyond the Expected Playlist Choices

As much as we love a fun, upbeat, dance song, don’t be afraid to include some slow songs on your wedding playlist. Slow songs give older guests a chance to make their way onto the dance floor and also provides the love birds with a tune to sway to.

Don’t overlook a favorite song just because it may not be “danceable.” Those indie hits are perfect for your cocktail hour, transitions between toasts, and before the first dance as a couple. Songs you love that aren’t dance songs are an excellent transition between the dinner and dance music as well.

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Some couples include a space for guests to make music suggestions on the RSVP card. Although you cannot guarantee that you will play every suggested song, this is a great way to get inspiration for your wedding playlist. You can also keep tallies, and if a song is suggested multiple times by loved ones, it might be a good one to add to your list.

Dig into your time capsule and take a look back at the top 10 lists for memorable years in your life. If you have a lot of friends from high school or college in attendance, choose a song from the year you graduated. A song from the summer you and your partner met will bring you right back to those fun days at the lake or bonfires with friends.

You might have thought of those songs as overplayed or cliché the year they came out, but enough time has passed that nostalgia is all that is left. You and your guests will be singing along and reminiscing, and making new memories to old tunes.


Consider the Theme

If you hit a roadblock in your wedding playlist, look at your venue for inspiration. It is a natural starting point because you likely chose your wedding venue based on your tastes as a couple. The music can add to your theme and make the venue come alive. Here are some examples:

  • If you have a rustic, outdoor, or barn wedding, sprinkle a few country songs into the mix.
  • If a vintage mansion, banquet hall, or art deco ballroom is your selection, play a few songs by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or other classics.
  • Beachy bride and groom? Show some love to Islander artists such as Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffett.

General Tips

Adagio’s DJs have seen and heard it all when it comes to music on your wedding day.  Before you finalize your playlist, make sure your music adheres to the following:

  • Include a wide variety of genres and tempos
  • Stay true to your music tastes
  • Avoid offensive lyrics
  • Avoid songs about breakups or heartbreak
  • Do not suggest guests sing a song with “Love” in it (instead of clinking glasses) to get the newlyweds to kiss, and it disrupts the flow of the night.

If music is not your thing, or if the 97 million available song choices seem overwhelming, let the professionals propose a wedding playlist for you. Adagio’s DJs are trained to read the room and create an atmosphere to highlight your guests and the happy couple.


Call the Professionals

It may seem straightforward to create a wedding reception playlist, but when you’re planning your dream wedding, you need to bring in the dream team for your reception. The award-winning professionals at Adagio DJay Entertainment have decades of experience and hundreds of weddings under their belts.

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We are known for our attention to detail and tasteful approach that accurately represents you and your partner on your wedding day. Our comprehensive online wedding playlist planner helps guide you through the process of curating your list, and our knowledgeable staff can advise you about trends, ideas, and do’s and don’ts.

If you are ready to build your wedding playlist, give Adagio DJ Entertainment a call and let the professionals take it from there. Our phenomenal DJs will seamlessly blend and curate your selections or preferences to create the perfect soundtrack to your wedding reception.

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