Wedding Rings: Make Them as Unique as You Are

Wedding Rings: Make Them as Unique as You Are

For decades, a clear solitaire diamond, with a halo of accent stones, and a simple gold wedding band has been the most popular wedding ring set. Yes, a diamond is forever – but it is also traditional and ubiquitous. 

In recent years, there’s been a rising trend in unique wedding rings. Many couples are embracing new colors, stones, cuts, and materials. 

Your wedding rings should reflect your style or who you and your partner are as a couple. Maybe that means a classic set with family history, a vintage ring with old-fashioned glamor, or a quirky non-traditional ring that doesn’t scream “wedding.”

At Adagio Djay Entertainment, we love to embrace what makes our customers unique, from wedding rings to first dance songs. We say, throw the formal rules out the window and get the ring set that makes you happy. That’s pretty solid marriage advice, as well! 

Engagement ring in box


The icy appeal of a clear diamond is undeniable. But why not consider the many incredible colored gemstones that make stunning jewelry pieces you’ll treasure forever. 

An opal gemstone makes a fantastic centerpiece for an engagement ring. While they are a softer stone, their milky appearance exudes romance.  Opal comes in many multi-faceted hues. Each stone as unique as the person who wears it. 

Sapphire stones have seen a surge in popularity, thanks to Kate Middleton’s blue stunner. If it’s good enough for a princess, consider us on board! According to jewelry designers Brilliant Earth, sapphires are ideal due to their scratch-resistance and strength. Sapphires come in a variety of colors, but we’re partial to a deep, ocean blue hue.

Give a classic three-stone ring a modern update by selecting a brightly colored stone for the centerpiece. A canary yellow diamond is a total showstopper, especially when set with a contrasting band of platinum or white gold. 

Your ring finger is sure to make everyone green with envy if you include a high-quality emerald gemstone in your design. Green emeralds are associated with beauty, love, and the goddess Venus since the time of the Ancient Greeks. 

If you believe in the power of good omens, an emerald could be the right choice for you. 

Perhaps you’re a bride or groom who prefers neutral shades but wants something more intriguing than a clear stone. Black and gray diamonds have all of the long-lasting durability and shine but are far more unique than their hueless sisters. 

They can range in color from shiny midnight black to a gorgeous speckled gradient. 

There’s a reason Valentine’s day colors are traditionally red and pink. These colors are classic symbols of passion and romance – two essential qualities of a long-lasting marriage! 

A blood-red ruby is a dramatic and sensational choice for a wedding or engagement ring. 

For those seeking a softer tone, consider a morganite stone. Its color varies from palest blush to warm peach-orange or vibrant pink. 

Man putting engagement ring on womans hand


Minimalist rings are sleek and the opposite of fussy. They are an excellent option for couples who want to show their commitment but aren’t interested in ornate details or high-profile stone settings. 

Many wedding-ring designers are nailing the minimalist jewelry trend. 

The unusual shape of a rhombus-cut stone looks fascinating even with a simple band. It is eye-catching in its stark simplicity. A trillion-cut stone looks future-forward and elegant, particularly when placed in a low-profile bezel setting. 

Bezel-set stones are the perfect choice for brides who don’t want to worry about ring prongs scratching or getting caught on fabric and hair. 

For people who regularly use their hands – for work or hobbies like cooking, woodworking, sports, or gardening – having a ring that snags easily can be a safety concern. 

A bezel setting puts the stone flush with the rest of the ring, significantly increasing the security of the stone and reducing the chance it will catch or scrape. 

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Many brides choose to wear a wedding band in addition to their engagement ring. But why let the fun end there? Stacking bands is a beautiful way to add fun and versatility to your left-hand jewelry. 

If you’re going to wear the same rings every day for the rest of your life, it’s great to have options! Choose to wear only a band for a low-key look, or pile on the whole stack if you’re feeling fancy. 

For some people, a band with no stones is the way to go. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though. A ring that features intricate and detailed metal-work or engraving looks high-end in its simplicity. 

Solitaire engagement diamond ring won wooden organic background.


Unique wedding rings are a way for you and your partner to express your personality throughout your marriage. You can choose to reset your grandmother’s dated-diamond ring or seek out a modern ring with color. 

Regardless of the kind of wedding ring set you wear, Adagio Djay Entertainment is honored to work with you as a couple. We are committed to being your musical guides and creating a welcoming environment that reflects your unique personality. 

We specialize in providing high-quality entertainment and creating memorable moments on the most important day of your life. 

Contact us today to get the conversation started!

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