Weekend Recap | Prom, the Peas, and Mommies!!

Prom/Mother’s Day

Drink it in folks! Prom season! The time of year where your son or daughter gets all dolled up and you spend a fortune for a handful of photographs and huge stack of worry. And while parents all over the Midwest were giving their son or daughter “the prom talk” our DJ’s were out making the party jump! It’s almost ironic that Mother’s day is the Sunday after Mom puts in one of her hardest parenting days. And how are they rewarded? Well my Mom saw her youngest offspring sleeping on the couch until 4pm. (Yes, that is a Mario doll in his arm)

Prom, the Peas Prom, the Peas

Of all the Prom’s we were a part of this weekend, my personal favorite was the Oscar themed bash a local school threw at the Semple Mansion in Minneapolis! DJ Andrew rocked the house as the student body showed off their glitziest and glamy-est (pretty sure that’s not a word but who cares!). I remember my prom. We walked through the back access of the gymnasium….

Prom, the Peas


We only had one wedding this weekend and “Imma Be” honest, “I Gotta Feeling” they had no trouble finding “The Time” to “Rock That Body”! If you haven’t caught on yet, the only songs on Mike and Lisa’s “Must Play” list for their wedding at Majestic Oaks in Ham Lake were by the Black Eyed Peas. These party people fist pumped all night while DJ Chris played some of the most energetic songs on the radio today and even mixed in a healthy amount of good ol’ fashioned country drinkin’ music. This Hip-Hop Hoedown was definitely one for the memory books.

Speaking of the Black Eyed Peas…..

This is just incredible!

Big Brother Big Sister at the St. Paul Saints Game

Prom, the Peas For the second year in a row, DJ Zach and Adagio Djay Entertainment have donated their time and resources for the BBBS picnic at Midway Stadium. With Balloon hats, free food from Tom Reids and Lord Fletchers, free frozen Custard from Culvers, a juggling station, and no shortage of enthusiasm, this event had everything! The kids were even kind enough to teach Zach how to “Dougie”!

Keep Dancing!

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