What Makes a Good DJ

Wedding Dance

You may be wondering what really makes a good wedding DJ. Well, you came to the right spot, a wedding DJ company such as Adagio is the perfect place to look for answers. We have years of collective experience in the industry which allows us to have a holistic perspective on the question. In our opinion, it really boils down to a few things that truly make a wedding DJ, a good DJ.

Customer Service

The most important thing a good wedding DJ can have is customer service. What this really means, is that they actually care about you and your wedding. Good customer service looks like your DJ treating you and your guests with respect. It looks like your DJ checking in with you periodically to see how things are going. It means your DJ showing up on time, looking professional and not being sloppy in his/her gear set up, dress or manner.

Flow of Event

One of the most important aspects of a DJ’s customer service is managing the flow of the event. If you are having a toast, a good DJ will check with the catering staff to make sure they are on time with the champagne pour before getting the toast started. A good DJ will come to you at 7:50 and remind you of your first dance coming up soon at 8:00 o’clock. Point being, they will genuinely be there to serve you and make your wedding the best it can be.

Ability to Read a Crowd

A good DJ will be able to read your crowd and make adjustments as the night goes on. This DJ will have an overall music strategy that is fitting to your event but won’t be afraid to change the plan if the crowd is asking for it. Being able to read a crowd has everything to do with paying attention to people’s responses to the music being played and paying attention to the requested songs. If your DJ has been playing a lot of “classics” or maybe 90’s hip-hop and is noticing more people requesting top 40 songs, it may be time to add a few more of those in there.

Cocktail/Dinner Hour

A good DJ will also pay attention to the crowd during cocktail hour and dinner to see what songs are being well received. They will notice, feet tapping, or people lip singing the song. Most importantly your DJ will pay attention to you and your spouse to see how you are reacting. You are the most important people of the night. A good DJ will ensure both you and your guests are enjoying the music.

Knowledge of Music

When we talk about knowledge of music, we don’t just mean knowing every song on planet earth. It means knowing what songs are best for your crowd. It means knowing when to play those songs and when not to play them. Timing and the order of songs have more effect on the dance floor than one may realize. It also means knowledge of song transitions. Knowing if it’s better to transition with a fade out/fade in, just a hard cut or maybe some beat-matching. All in all, a good DJ is going to know what song to play, when to play it, and how to give it a smooth transition.

We sincerely hope this helps you better understand what makes a good DJ and what to look for when you’re picking a DJ. If you’re still in the market for finding a wedding DJ, check out our talent page to learn more about Adagio DJ’s.


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