What’s in a Playlist? A Guide to Creating the Perfect Playlist for Your Wedding

What’s in a Playlist? A Guide to Creating the Perfect Playlist for Your Wedding

From the first note to the last dance beat, creating the perfect playlist for your wedding sets the tone of the event. It offers an opportunity to combine your and your partner’s favorite songs to create an emotional connection and unforgettable memories.

And when you’re hiring a spot-on DJ like Adagio Djay Entertainment, it’s always great to share your preferred artists and musical style so they can provide the right music for each activity.

Because planning a wedding is time-consuming and energy-sapping, you want to avoid adding more stressors. So, we’ve curated this guide to what should go into your wedding playlist.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Playlist for Your Wedding

While you want to hit the dance floor and shout for joy, there should be ebbs and flows. It provides room for you and your guests to rest their feet and get enveloped in the romantic event as well as gain stamina to dance to more fast-paced beats. Here are the top tips for creating the perfect playlist for your wedding, ensuring you get the best value from your DJ.

Consider the Big Moments on Your Wedding Day

Every wedding has moments where a piece of special music is required, and they fill up the memories you’d want to carry with you years after the ceremony. These big moments are similar to all weddings. They include the following:

  • Wedding party processional
  • Bride’s entrance
  • Recession
  • Grand march entrance
  • Couple’s first dance
  • The father/daughter or mother/son dance

Although there may be other key moments like saying “I do”, bouquet tossing, and the grand exit, we’ll focus on a few so you can get a head start on your playlist creation. There are also no right or wrong songs, but choosing pieces that mean a lot to you and fit into your love story is important.

The Wedding Party Processional Song

This is the time to play slow-tempo music that hints at the relationship your guests have come to witness. Some popular wedding party processional songs are Carthatic Fall’s All My Love, Tayler Holder’s Marry You, Virgo Rising’s Yellow, and Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles.

The Bride’s Entrance

Over the years, you’ve heard Here Comes The Bride when the bride is about to step in. But several captivating bridal entrance songs suit this key moment. You can choose Kacey Musgraves Can’t Help Falling In Love, The Piano Guys’ A Thousand Years, or Brooklyn Duo’s Canon in D.

The Recessional Song

newly wed dancing in a recessional song

After you’ve been announced as a couple, you want something that should make you dance as you exit the ceremony. Some popular options are Brooklyn Duo’s First Day of My Life and Chris Brown’s Forever.

Add Something for All Ages

People from different generations will make up your guest list. So, you want to ensure your musical selection contains something for to each age group. Though the ceremony is about you and your significant other, you should still consider those who have come to share in your joy.

An easy way to get your guests’ preferences is to include a music request card in the RSVP. You can also allow guests to walk up to the DJ and request songs. This can turn out great, especially when your guests know you in and out. For instance, your friends may request a song from your childhood that’ll add some nostalgia to the party. 

But if the request doesn’t suit the occasion or the timing, a professional DJ knows the proper way to disregard it. You may want to avoid these four mistakes when hiring a wedding DJ to avoid any negative surprises.

Include a Variety of Genres

joyful wedding everyone is dancing in the wedding party

Although there’s a certain type of music that fits your wedding theme, you should have a variety of genres. Music speaks to a mix of multitudes, and everyone has a personal definition of good music. You can try to satisfy differing opinions by including a mix of country, classical, hip-hop, rock, and pop in one event.

Trust Your DJ to Deliver

You’re hiring a DJ to ensure everyone is happy to get out of their seats to dance. They’re professional, so you can get help from them if you’re stuck. However, you don’t necessarily have to hand them a long list of forbidden or must-play songs.

Of course, there are songs you don’t want to hear on your big day. But you can trust the DJ enough to accept your preferences and make you happy. Proper communication is usually sufficient.


Planning a wedding may take a toll on your physical and mental health, so you don’t have to be hard on yourself. You should take advantage of the tips we shared above to come up with the perfect playlist for your wedding.

Remember, it’s all about you and your partner, but remember to get everyone involved. And ensure you get an experienced DJ that understands and respects your preferences. Contact Adagio Djay Entertainment today to learn how your wedding playlist ideas can become a reality.


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