What’s the Deal with Silent Discos?

What’s the Deal with Silent Discos?

What’s the best part of a wedding? The reception, of course! The ceremony is beautiful and moving. But the reception is the time for all of your guests to spend some time together.

Your wedding is your chance to bring all of the most influential people in your life together. Your friends and family and your fiance’s friends and family can come together for one day to celebrate your love. 

You want your reception to be a frolicking and fun-filled time. You could always go with a wedding band or DJ, but why not switch it up and throw a silent disco.

What is a silent disco, you may be wondering? Well, sit back and let Adagio Djay Entertainment spin it out for you.   

What is a Silent Disco?

A trend that has grown in popularity in recent years, a silent disco is a brand new way to throw a killer dance party. For your guests, a silent disco is anything but silent. 

All of your guests will receive their own set of wireless headphones. Typically, you will have three stations to choose between. Your guests can curate their own personal dance party experience. 

Standard setup would be a DJ mixing live on one channel with 2 additional pre-set channels. For example, you can have your  DJ spinning the hits on one channel, another channel playing ballads or oldies, and the third channel planning country tunes (or heavy metal, or Dubstep, or throwback hip-hop or almost anything you could think of). 

We also recommend hiring dueling DJs. Each DJ will be spinning live, and they will be competing with each other to see who can grab the attention of most of the guests. 

They will be able to tell which guests are listening to their station by the color of the light on each guest’s headphones. Those colors also help the guests figure out which dancers are grooving to the same tunes. 

Why should I have a Silent Disco?

Give your guests a bit of control over their reception experience. They can choose which style of music most appeals to them, and vibe with that station. 

A silent disco is more interesting because it allows each guest to listen to different music. But the colored lights enable the guests to dance to the same song with those around them. A group of friends can all choose the same station and get down to the same song. 

It is the perfect solution for the pickier of your guests. With a traditional wedding band or DJ, your guests just have to take what they get. With a silent disco, though, if you don’t like a song, you can change the station. 

Let’s go over a few of the best reasons you should consider turning your reception into a silent disco. 

Dueling DJs

Trying to satisfy the musical tastes of all your guests is all but impossible. We all like all different types of music, and a wedding band or single DJ can be very limiting stylistically. It’s hard enough for you and your fiance to agree, not to mention a hundred people and their differing opinions. 

Make it a fun competition between two dueling DJs. If you hire DJs who are talented but also have big personalities, they can make a game out of the whole thing. They can make it light and fun by engaging the guests in the competition. 

You can even have one station of pre-set music that every person on your guest list will enjoy. That way, no one will be left out. Check out our tips on selecting a playlist the pros would approve of.

Special Dances Will Feel Even More Special

For most of the dancing portion of the reception, your guests will get to bop along to their own individual choices in music. For the big dances, the first dance, the father/daughter dance, etc., you can funnel everyone to one station. 

Those moments, when everyone is brought back together, will feel even more inclusive than they would traditionally. Your guests will quickly become accustomed to choosing their stations throughout the reception. The moments when everyone comes together with the same music will really bring everyone together. 

You can even choose to have one DJ spin for a portion of the reception, say the part where you do all the individual dances. Then you can have the silent disco portion afterward.

Surprise, Surprise

Keep the silent disco portion of your reception a secret, and your guests will receive a fun surprise. You can bet that most of your guests have probably never been to a silent disco before. You will be expanding their horizons and practically guaranteeing an unforgettable time.

If you are getting married at a time of year when the weather will be nice, move the party outside. The headphones will be wireless so you and your guests can dance almost anywhere. Think outside the box.

Short and Sweet

You can definitely have enough of a good thing. Silent discos are fabulous because they allow all your guests to disappear in their own little worlds. At the same time, they can feel the connection that comes with sharing a space with most of the people they care about the most. 

They will enjoy the freedom the experience brings. But try to bring the silent disco to a close before the novelty has worn off too much. We recommend no longer than two hours for your silent dancing excursion. 

No Such Thing as Too Much Noise

Some venues have noise restrictions. Other sites are large enough that they put on more than one ceremony at a time. 

In the first case, a silent disco will solve that problem by putting an end to the loud music blaring out over some speakers. 

For the second case, your guests won’t be forced to face the disorienting sensation of competing music from your reception and the one in the next room. 

Plus, if your venue has a noise cut-off time, say 10 pm, and your guests aren’t ready to leave, a silent disco is a perfect solution. 

If you are thinking about a silent disco for your reception, contact Adagio Djay Entertainment to see how we can help you silently dance the night away.

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