• Resides:

    Eagan, MN

  • Education:

    St. Olaf College, Majors in Biology and Environmental Studies

  • Seven Words That Desribe Me:

    Respectful, Happy, Energetic, Fun, Handsome, Focused, Flirtatious

  • Best Advice I Ever Received:

    Don’t worry about it; just do it.

  • Hobbies:

    Most of my hobbies stem from my love of nature. I am passionate about preserving the world's natural heritage and I am involved in volunteer and career paths in natural resource conservation, particularly prairie restoration and maintenance. I also enjoy the more common recreational opportunities like mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, fishing, and birding, Identifying a new bird in the field is just as fun to me as finding money in the street or catching a 26 inch walleye. I also enjoy singing in choir, playing rugby, and swing dancing.

  • Something No One Would Guess By Looking At Me:

    I juggle machetes.

  • Favorite Music Artists:

    The Eagles , Queen, Louis Armstrong, Johnny Cash, John Williams, Etta James, Jackie Evancho

  • Genre Preferences / Specialties:

    I like to listen to classic rock on the radio when I'm driving to keep myself awake and to sing along. I love when a movie incorporates the right music, like Howard Shore's compositions for Lord of the Rings, or any of the John Williams soundtracks in classics like Star Wars and Indiana Jones, or Jaws. I like music with a strong beat for dancing especially swing and polka. I like to listen to blues on the stereo from a reclining chair, as well as listening to a choir in a large church with the appropriate amount of echo so the harmonies can linger and blend with each other.

  • My Relationship with Music:

    As long as I can remember I have been traveling Midwest garage sales in search of vinyl records with my record hunter father. We spent a lot of time looking for rare and interesting albums to take home and listen to on the high fidelity stereo system. In this way I was exposed to the vast and diverse history of classical and American music. I gravitated more towards the classic rock genre, especially the Eagles and Lynyrd Skynyrd with their blend of rock and country sounds. I have a deep appreciation for most well performed music, that is to say I enjoy listening to musical and performance perfection and my standards are high, because I have heard what people are capable of producing. What I really love is when a performer can take a complicated piece of music and hit every single note perfectly and perfectly on time and on top of that infuse it with their own emotional interpretation of what the song means to them. One of my favorites in this category in recent years is Jackie Evancho singing opera under the direction of David Foster.

  • Favorite Part About Being a DJ:

    I love being a part of such a happy and positive celebration. Weddings are always so emotional and positive; I feel good to be able to contribute to the joyous mood that everyone is celebrating.

  • Additional Questions:
    • Pronouns:

      He, Him

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