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You have some more questions and why shouldn't you, you're planning the event of a lifetime. But be assured you are not the first. Below are some questions other satisfied customers typically asked us when they first found us. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, then please feel free to contact us directly, we'll be looking forward to it.

How do we reserve Adagio Djay Entertainment?

A $300 non-refundable retainer is required to reserve your date. The retainer must be made with a credit or debit card number. We accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due at the event, although most of our clients typically take care of everything in advance, which allows them to relax and enjoy the night. Our DJs are unable to accept credit/debit cards the day of your event so if you wish to put a balance on your card, please contact our office in advance.

Have you had experience at my event site?

We are recommended by most event sites in Minnesota's Twin Cities. We understand the acoustical challenges of sites like The Landmark, The Great Hall, The Depot Minneapolis, Christos Union Depot, The J.J. Hill Library, Carlson Rotunda etc. as well as the more intimate settings such as The University Club on Summit, The Grand Hotel, and other smaller rooms. Our DJ sound systems are designed to provide the clarity, fullness of sound, and reasonable volume levels for any size venue. (Click here to view recommended venues)

What music do you typically use for the cocktail/dinner hours?

Dinner/cocktail music typically consists of light standard and contemporary Jazz and/or Classical artists. However, we encourage you to create an atmosphere that is reflective of your music preferences. Some other choices are classic R&B/Motown, Acoustic Guitar and Contemporary artists, International music, Lounge or electronica/chill styles of music. Any selections you do make should be soft in volume and easy to talk over. We are open to any other suggestions you may have as well.

Who are your DJ's?

Our DJ staff is carefully screened and well trained. We are happy to act as an emcee to make sure that the proper introductions and announcements are made but after that we want to involve and entertain your guests through perfect timing and creative placement of the music. All of our DJs follow the same format as far as style and presentation are concerned but differ in areas of expertise and backgrounds. They are well spoken, educated, successful, and interesting people with diverse backgrounds and musical experience. We have male and female DJs so please simply tell us if you have a preference. References are available by request.

How do we know which DJ will be right for us?

The actual DJ is scheduled based on the information and instructions you will provide to us on your On-line Event Planner. The DJ is recommended based on your specific requests, the level of interaction you choose, and familiarity with your site. Scheduling and all other final details are due 6 weeks prior to your date.

When will I speak with my DJ?

After we receive your planning form, event timeline, and song/request list we will forward it to the selected DJ. The DJ will look through the materials and contact you to discuss all your pertinent details.

Can we see an actual event?

Out of respect for our clients privacy (and yours should you choose to hire us) we do not schedule live viewings or bring any uninvited guests to our events. Our client management system allows us to tailor our service to your needs. We are happy to consult with you to discuss your ideas and concerns and/or further information to help you make an informed decision.

What if we are considering live musicians as well?

Ask about our Live Music packages that truly give your guests the best overall presentation at an exceptional value. We work with live musicians to keep your guests entertained non-stop without any breaks in the momentum of your reception. We recommend and work exclusively with Ned Kantar Productions at

When do we fill out our on-line planner?

We recommend you fill out the planning form, event timeline and song/request list as soon as you know the details of your event, but no later than six weeks prior to your event date.

What other services do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of invitations, programs, gifts, first dance instruction, videography, custom monogram spotlights, mood lighting and projector/screen rentals. We have an invitation specialist who can advise on etiquette, a champion dance instructor who is able to put event the most apprehensive dancers at ease, and a mood lighting specialist who can help transform any reception venue into a magical setting and deliver that extra wow factor.

As a DJ client you will also qualify for discounts on our other services. We believe that specialty services such as Photography, Videography, Event Planning, Floral, Cakes, etc. should be left to the experts and do not act as booking agent for these types of vendors. However, we do have a recommended list of Vendor Resources (on our site) that includes a list of vendors whom we trust and work with often. This philosophy ensures that you (the consumer) will get the best possible service and product at all times.

Can we bring some of our own music for you to play?

Absolutely. It is preferred to bring your custom music on clearly labeled CDs in audio format. You can bring them the night of your event and your DJ will return them at the end of the night. Ipod compatibility may be available as well. Please discuss this with your DJ during your final phone consultation.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we have a two million dollar policy that insures us at every venue we perform at. Most hotels and banquet facilities will not allow a DJ service to perform there without this insurance, so make sure whoever you hire is insured for personal liability.

What if we want additional time?

Not a problem, as long as its okay with the facility manager. Just let your DJ know before the scheduled end of the evening if you want to extend your dance time. Please refer to your contract for any required overtime fees.

What kind of music do you carry?

We provide various types of music in order to please a diverse audience. Adagio Djay Entertainment sound is able to play music from country, polkas, waltzs, swing/big band, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's, right up through today's hottest hits.

Can we choose our own music?

Yes you can. Our online music listening center allows you to determine which songs you wish to be played. You can also prioritize your selections by making some of them Must Plays.

What if we want a song that is not on your list?

We are happy to locate up to 5 additional songs for you complimentarily, as long as we can find them from a legal on-line source. We also welcome you to bring some of your own favorite music. Bottom line, we will do what it takes to make you happy.

How much music can we play in an evening?

On average, we can play 17 songs per hour. In a typical dance, an average of 50-60 songs are played depending on the length of your dance as well as traditions and activities selected.

Do you provide ceremony services?

We provide many ceremonies both on and off-site. We are able to provide the actual prelude & ceremony music and a microphone.

Can we control the DJ's level of interaction?

Yes you can. We encourage our clients to fill out their questionnaire candidly. This profile allows our clients to determine their DJs level of interaction.

What if my DJ has an emergency?

Adagio Djay Entertainment always has back up systems in place to ensure back up DJs and equipment for any event, along with technicians on call day of and during your dance.

Do I need to provide a meal for the DJ?

Yes. Your DJ is on-site setting up prior the actual event and will be there after it is over taking equipment down--generally a minimum of 8 hours on-site.

Do you charge extra for setup and tear down time?

Set up and tear down is included. Set up begins one hour before start time, which is all we need to be ready. If set up needs to be sooner, please discuss your situation with our office staff.

What if my event site is acoustically challenged?

Our professional sound systems are accommodating and flexible for any venue. We understand that some event sites require special attention to the overall acoustics. Chances are, Adagio Djay Entertainment has been to your facility and has worked with your coordinator. We will make the necessary adjustments that best fit needs of your venue.

What happens if the DJ equipment breaks down at the show?

Adagio Djay Entertainment has back up systems in place for any event, along with technicians on call day of and during your dance. Chances are things will not break during your dance. We deliver the utmost quality in commercial state-of-the-art disc jockey equipment. However, it is good to know that we have you covered in the rare case that anything were to go wrong.