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We've created many unforgettable weddings over the past 25 years, and we're proud of the personalized attention we've given to each one. Your wedding day is truly your day, your way, and by using a combination of the services we offer, we make sure it stays that way. Take a glimpse at the weddings of the couples below, and see how our DJ's musical presence offered the perfect complement.

Emily & Jay

When Emily first emailed us we were so pumped that they were planning a wedding reception at Target Field! Once they got to the stadium - Emily and Jay met and took some great photos and got the ceremony going! It was a short and sweet ceremony followed by a great "grand march" and rockin' reception with Adagio DJ "Zach"! Elvis even paid a visit - a surprise only Emily knew of! It was hilarious.

Here is what they had to say about their Adagio DJ "Zach"...
"Our DJ (Zach) was fantastic. He got lots of compliments from our guests; he was very professional, listened to what we wanted, was willing to work with us (even on unusual requests), and had a plan for what to play and when. As a bonus, we barely had to talk business with him on the wedding day; he came prepared! We can't possibly speak more highly of him! Because he represented the company so well, we would recommend Adagio DJ to anyone without hesitation."

Pictures by DNK Photography

Emily & Jay 1 Emily & Jay 2 Emily & Jay 3
Emily & Jay 4 Emily & Jay 5 Emily & Jay 6

Stephanie & Matt

From the moment we met this couple, we knew their wedding was going to be a blast. Matt and Steph have such a fantastic relationship full of laughter and a deep obvious affection and appreciation of each other. Early in their relationship, they didn't want to scare each other off by saying "I love you" too soon, so they said "I like you" with a lot of meaning behind it.

Though Stephanie told us there wasn't a solid theme for the wedding, it is pretty easy to say the theme was FUN. From the choice of wedding party, to colorful flowers, to the word finds and mazes in the wedding program, to the Eric Carle escort cards and table numbers, to the lawn games and barrel of monkeys...this entire wedding was centered around having a good time. And this is just the beginning…

The Adagio DJ handled the craziness really well. Let's let the pictures speak for themselves, shall we?

Pictures by Studio Laguna

Stephanie & Matt 1 Stephanie & Matt 2 Stephanie & Matt 3
Stephanie & Matt 4 Stephanie & Matt 5 Stephanie & Matt 6

Ami & Cory

We can appreciate a Bride with a bold sense of style and yet a chic touch. The Reception had an amazing backdrop featuring a super fun photo booth, stunning Mood Lighting and a packed dance floor all night. Adagio DJ "Tommy", was the MC/DJ.

Ami & Cory's First Dance was Coldplays' "Proof" - The evening was absolutely perfect!

Pictures by Brian Newfield Photography

Ami & Cory 1 Ami & Cory 2 Ami & Cory 3
Ami & Cory 4 Ami & Cory 5 Ami & Cory 6

Katie & Kyle

What a spectacular day for Katie & Kyle and their guests. An lovely ceremony at the Calhoun Beach Club followed by a beautiful reception at the St. Paul Hotel. We were so honored to be a part of their celebration. Katie and Kyle's First Dance was Trevor Halls' "Lime Tree".

Adagio DJ "Ryan" had a packed dance floor all night long!

Pictures by Geneoh Photography

Katie & Kyle 1 Katie & Kyle 2 Katie & Kyle 3
Katie & Kyle 4 Katie & Kyle 5 Katie & Kyle 6

Maggie & Brett

Who says weddings have to be all ruffles and lace? The Overflowing decor and vibrant colors made this whimsical yet romantic setting encapsulate the spirit of summer. Love the detail, check out the shoes! One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Ceremony and celebration of love, through and through, that turned out to be one heck of a party with Adagio DJ "Krista".

Pictures by Geneoh Photography

Maggie & Brett 1 Maggie & Brett 2 Maggie & Brett 3
Maggie & Brett 4 Maggie & Brett 5 Maggie & Brett 6

Gina & Corey

Our hearts are warmed by Gina and Corey's absolutely gorgeous wedding day. Every (and I mean every) moment of their celebration was beautiful and perfect. While leaves fall from the trees and seasons fade, memories live strong. My hope for Gina and Corey is their story together grows stronger with every season. DJ "Jay" was Master of Ceremonies and DJ.

Pictures by VADA Photography

Gina_Corey Gina & Corey 2 Gina & Corey 3
Gina & Corey 4 Gina & Corey 3 Gina & Corey 3

Anne & Michael

With her beautiful smile and flawless dress, Anne & Michael celebrated their union with a memorable reception at Café Lurcat along with Adagio DJ "Ben" and our Live Musicians! It was a fantastic evening.

Their First Dance was Louis Armstrongs' "La Vie En Rose"

Pictures by Noah Wolf

Anne & Michael 1 Anne & Michael 2 Anne & Michael 3
Anne & Michael 4 Anne & Michael 5 Anne & Michael 6

Melissa & Todd

Melissa & Todd were at the Landmark Center in downtown St. Paul. It was an awesome but humid day. The grandeur of the Landmark Center was in true form and the details were spot on with Adagio DJ "Tommy" for the dance. The day went off without a hitch! Congratulations Melissa & Todd...

Pictures by Graddy Photography

Melissa & Todd 1 Melissa & Todd 2 Melissa & Todd 3
Melissa & Todd 4 Melissa & Todd 5 Melissa & Todd 6

Erika & Cameron

Erika and Cameron held their elegant reception at The Minneapolis Depot.

Here is what they had to say about their DJ from Adagio Djay.

"Bobby was a lifesaver. He let us know what he had planned almost every second of the night. When we had questions about the speeches, timing of dances, and music selection he was able to help. He really made our night an enjoyable one! We can't say enough good things about his professionalism and control of the reception. We've already recommended him to family and friends. Thanks!!!

Erika & Cameron 1 Erika & Cameron 2 Erika & Cameron 3
Erika & Cameron 4 Erika & Cameron 5 Erika & Cameron 6

Megan & Matt

Adagio Djay provided music for Megan and Matt's ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dance. They also requested that we assist them in presenting their photo montage using our large screen and projector package. Their entire event flowed smoothly and efficiently just as they had hoped.

Megan & Matt 1 Megan & Matt 2 Megan & Matt 3

Andrea & Isaiah

Andrea and Isaiah shared their very chic and stylish wedding with their closest family and friends at Cedarhurst Mansion in Cottage Grove, MN.

Andrea & Isaiah 1 Andrea & Isaiah 2 Andrea & Isaiah 3
Andrea & Isaiah 4 Andrea & Isaiah 5 Andrea & Isaiah 6