Ashery Lane Farm

Ashery Lane Farm

Seasons shift, leaves fall, and flowers grow. One thing never changes, though, people always need an extraordinary place to celebrate the extra-special days of their lives. One such place is Ashery Lane Farm.

This magnificent orchard and vineyard is a producer of both bountiful harvests and beautiful events. The excitement of each new season has always been a great inspiration to Ashery Lane Farm, and they want to share that inspiration with you. 

Ashery Lane Farm is just far enough away from the Twin Cities for you to experience that pure country feeling but close enough to still be convenient. 

Let your heart and mind travel back to the days of youth, sunny afternoons lazing away on family farms. Everything they do at Ashery Lane, from inspiring a charming presence to bestowing the hospitality of days gone by, is meant to invoke that sense of childhood wonder. Come and see for yourself the classic elegance and unwavering beauty of this place. 

The attention to detail is evident in every aspect of Ashery Lane Farm. Their greatest desire is for you to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of their vineyard and orchard as you celebrate your cherished event. You will create lifetime memories at Ashery Lane Farm.

Some of Minnesota’s most fertile soil is home to this 20-acre apple orchard. Formed by glaciers over 10,000 years ago, this phenomenal soil aids in the growth of over 12,000 trees. 

The Ashery Lane vineyards grow two Minnesota native varieties, both introduced by the University of Minnesota grape breeding program. These two varieties, the Frontenac Blanc and the Itasca grapes, are grown in an old dairy pasture. This abundantly fertile soil helps grow beautiful vines.

Ashery Lane Farm has exclusively partnered with D’Amico Catering for all your culinary needs. They have over 30 years of experience catering all types of events. From corporate meetings to social gatherings, fine dining to finger food, D’Amico has got you covered. Their versatile, fun and customizable menus will tickle your fancy, no matter what you desire.

Located along the East Fork of the Crow River in Hollywood Township, Ashery Lane Farm is quickly becoming the premier event center in the Twin Cities area. It is only 20 minutes west of Lake Minnetonka. 

What originated as a family-owned and operated apple orchard and vineyard has now grown into a premier location for weddings and special events. Ashery Lane Farm is the perfect place to host your next event. Whether it is to be an intimate gathering to a massive special event, let Ashery Lane make your day an extraordinary one. 

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