Pinehaven Farm

Pinehaven Farm

Rustic farm weddings are still a popular choice for more couples and families. The open air, inviting atmosphere, and beautiful weather all help to shape any wedding party into a storybook ending.

Pinehaven Farm is a local favorite, not just as a wedding venue, but as a center for family fun. They are known for their pumpkin patch, school trips, and other exciting local activities. Because of this already relaxed, family-first environment, you know that your guests will feel right at home.

One consideration that often gets left behind when choosing a venue is what will the location look like in photos? Most couples prefer to show up hours before the event to take some intimate photos, only to find out that the surrounding area isn’t as ideal as they had hoped.

Fortunately, this favorite wedding hotspot doesn’t suffer from this problem. The surrounding woods, rustic wooden barn, red barn, and even the outdoor wooden picnic tables make for stunning pictures for any album.

The lush manicured grounds are a vibrant contrast to more neutral wedding color tones, such as white, black, and other typical garment colors. This is especially true depending on where the sun’s location is during the ceremony; when the golden light hits just right, it creates an almost ethereal atmosphere.

This venue provides ample seating inside as well as outdoors. The exterior ceremony site features a classic white gazebo in its own fenced off space surrounded by seating.

The indoor reception area has seating for up to 250 guests with onsite staff at your every beck and call. This is helpful once the wedding day jitters kick in.

Because of the large outdoor areas, the site takes care to use proper signage to direct your guests from the road. The instructions are clear, and you won’t have to worry about your aunt making a wrong turn on the way there.

One concern many have when considering choosing a farm locale for their wedding is how and where the restroom facilities are. Pinehaven Farm offers two outdoor mobile bathroom units, which share a handwashing station.

In addition to bathrooms, the venue also has your power needs covered. The venue is entirely powered by the farm itself, ready for audio, video, and DJ equipment to be hooked up.

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