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Silent Disco

If you’re wanting to add a unique entertainment element to your event, a Silent Disco may be just what you’re looking for. Your guests will enjoy comfortable headphones that can tune-in to up to 3 different channels of music. This can be a great option if you know your crowd will have competing tastes in music–or if you’re at a venue with strict sound restrictions. It’s also great for crowds that will be split between a dance party vibe and scintillating conversations. No worries about grandma asking the DJ to turn down the volume or your tipsy cousin pushing for more sound. Each guest can adjust the volume on their headset to their personal preference. Talk about customization!

Adagio Djay Entertainment’s office staff loved their experience of a Silent Disco at an industry event and knew that it would be something our clients and their guests would love too. We are excited to be offering this new service!

Contact us today to check availability to add a Silent Disco onto your DJ package.

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