Equipment or Talent?

A common trait of the typical wedding DJ is the misunderstanding that what they bring (their equipment) is more important than what they can do (their talent). This is most obvious when visiting their web site. Flashy pictures of their CD Players, laptop computers, speakers, light shows, microphones, mixers, amplifiers, or our favorite…cheesy pictures of themselves talking into their mics while their light show sparkles in the background.

Did your caterer show you photos of their pots & pans? Did your photographer show their collection of lenses? When you see photos like these being emphasized, you can be sure you are dealing with a typical wedding DJ.

This type of advertising tells you that the typical wedding DJ believes you should be most concerned with what kind of equipment they will bring to your reception. But if you want the best wedding reception possible, you need Extraordinary Talent.

That means you want a DJ who not only uses the best sound and lighting equipment available, but also has the unique skills and uncommon talent to make your wedding reception as much fun as possible. Talent and skills are services, which cannot be accurately portrayed in flashy pictures and websites, but can be confirmed through reputation and feedback surveys and through years of experience.

Adagio Djay Entertainment has a solid reputation for our talented staff. Be sure to check out many of our client and vendor reviews online in The Buzz.

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