• Resides:

    Roseville, MN

  • Seven Words That Desribe Me:

    Creative, Fun, Proactive, Positive, Adventurous, Laid Back, Respectful

  • Best Advice I Ever Received:

    Live life to the fullest, No regrets, smoothies and oatmeal every morning.

  • Hobbies:

    Calisthenics, Movies, Digital Assets, Reading Books, Music, Manga

  • Something No One Would Guess By Looking At Me:

    I've lived most of my life in Japan. I spent a week translating and traveling across Japan with Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson's father) and former Prime minister of Japan Mr. Hatoyama. Also, I was a Stadium MC for a professional baseball team in Japan for 4 Years. I traveled across Asia doing entertainment work.

  • Favorite Music Artists:

    The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Righteous Brothers, Eric Clapton, Oasis, Alecia Keys, Mariah Carrey, Billy Joel, Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesias, Bruno Mars, Usher, The Weeknd, The Chain Smokers, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, Shakira, Savage Garden, LINKIN PARK, SR 71, MXPX, Vertical Horizon, Kenneth Cope, Tony Bennet, Frank Sinatra, J-POP, K-POP

  • Genre Preferences / Specialties:

    Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, J-pop, K-pop and anything with a good beat, melody and lyrics. I vibe the most with music from the mid 90s to the late 2000s.

  • My Relationship with Music:

    As a kid in Japan I remember my dad blasting The Beach Boys "Wouldn't it be nice" and REM mixed with 70s and 80s Japanese music with a hint of classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky. I played the Cornet in middle school and part of High School. I had a pop rock band in Japan for a few years performing all over Tokyo. Music and I have been intertwined throughout my life and will be for the rest of it.

  • Favorite Part About Being a DJ:

    I love music and connecting with people, and DJing is a great way of doing that. Being able to bring smiles to faces and making people's day are among my favorite aspects of what I do.

  • Additional Questions:
    • Pronouns:

      He, Him

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