29 Pines

29 Pines

29 Pines Golf Course is located in the Mahtowa, MN area and is family owned and operated. You will love feeling a part of their family every time you step onto their golf course. 29 Pines delights in creating a place where you and your family can have a joyful golfing experience.

You will fall in love with this course as you walk through the well-manicured lawn and see the beautiful nature all around. While you take a stroll through on their greens, you will feel like you are wandering through the north woods. During certain times of the year, you will experience the bold and bright colors at the peak of Fall as you make your way through the tree-lined course. Their golfing holes feature ponds, trees, and fountains, as well as the area’s natural beauty.

The golf course boasts of 18 holes, ranging from $15 to $20. They also offer season passes for singles, couples, seniors, senior couples, family, and juniors that range in price from $125 to $495. You may also enjoy participation in a league. 29 Pines offers leagues for men, couples, women, and seniors. Participating in a league is an excellent option for those looking for a little competition in their golf game. During peak golfing season, they host a variety of tournaments, fundraisers and other events that you can participate in.

You will take pleasure in their pristinely manicured lawn, beautiful memorial garden and tree full of charm and artistic decor. You will also find entertainment in the winsome floral garden full of tiny gnomes and a wood house. This golf course is not just a place to play golf; it is also a place to enjoy the natural and charming scenery. It is a place where you and your family can enjoy the day together with a good game and feel at home.

29 Pines Golf Course takes pride in making sure you feel a part of their family. Their course boasts of natural beauty that is stunning and full of color. Enjoy a 9-hole or 18-hole round of golf with family, friends and loved ones and bask in the surrounding nature. With plenty of options from a single session, leagues, tournaments, and fundraisers, you will find it easy to enjoy a day or weekend at the golf course. For more information about special events at 29 Pines Golf Course, contact them at 218-389-3136.

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