Afton Cruise Line/House

Afton Cruise Line/House

Cruising along the ebbs and flows of the St. Croix River; along the shores of Minnesota and Wisconsin, Afton- Hudson Cruise Lines deliver an event experience you’re sure to remember. Imagine your guests enjoying the breathtaking scenery, and the gentle breeze filling the air as you cruise down the St. Croix River.

Afton- Hudson Cruise Line has a fleet of vessels to choose from for your event. Each vessel is fully equipped with innovative technology and top of the line audiovisual equipment. With an array of options, the Afton-Hudson Cruise Line can tailor your event to perfection.

For smaller, more intimate affairs or special corporate events, the Sweet Afton is the ideal cruise ship. With a maximum capacity of 37 guests, the Sweet Afton is decked out with all the amenities that the Afton-Hudson Cruise Line offers. Presentations, microphones, and audiovisual equipment are all top of the line and are offered aboard the Sweet Afton.

For mid-size event experiences, like small weddings, or larger corporate meetings, the Afton Princess is a proportioned vessel. Maximum capacity for the Afton Princess is 132 guests, ideal for smaller, intimate weddings. Outfitted with innovative, modern technology, the Afton Princess provides a venue that is unique in both setting and amenities. Guests will be entertained not only with the stunning St. Croix River views; the crisp sound coming over the speakers will wow and delight their ears as well.

For larger events, like weddings, large corporate events, and even Prom, the Grand Duchess, is grand indeed. With a maximum capacity of  305 guests, the Grand Duchess is the premier flagship of Afton-Hudson Cruise Line. Cruising down the St. Croix River on the majestic Grand Duchess is an astounding experience. The Grand Duchess has been outfitted with top of the line technology, an expansive audio-visual system, ensuring that while your guests are wowed by the beauty of the mighty St. Croix River, they do not miss a beat.

Step aboard the Afton-Hudson Cruise Lines, your event experience will be one you will not soon forget!

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