Emerald Ridge

Emerald Ridge

 Are you looking for an amazing outdoor wedding venue? Well, at Emerald Ridge Outdoor Weddings, you have several to choose from! This venue ensures your needs are met at each of its unique outdoor sites. Located in the Chippewa Valley area, you can host up to 400 guests on this 360-acre estate. 

One of the most popular ceremony locations at Emerald Ridge is Grandview Point Ceremony. Enjoy the view of the rolling landscape and treetops. There’s plenty of grassy space around the ceremony site, while the actual location is paved and has a lovely low railing with columns—the perfect frame for a picturesque view. After the ceremony, you can choose to have your reception at the Legacy Barn or the Rustic Oaks venue. 

The Legacy Barn is a charming white barn with one wall opened so guests can see beautiful scenic views. The Rustic Oaks venue is a pavilion-style building with a lovely wood frame. Two walls and two open sides allow plenty of breathing room for your guests to enjoy the fresh air. The floor is paved cement that extends beyond the open sides of the pavilion. Perfect for a cocktail hour or extra space.      

The amenities offered at Emerald Ridge include accommodations, event rentals, in-house catering, and parking. They also provide a list of experienced outside vendors to make your day the best it can be. Other services available for couples include the use of centerpieces, chair covers, tables, decor, and a dance floor. What’s unique about this venue is that camping and RV accommodations are available on-site, while hotels are also just 6 miles away. This makes sure your guests can be close by and enjoy the great outdoors all weekend long. So reach out today to see how Emerald Ridge can make your outdoor wedding dreams come true!

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