Farm to Fist

Farm to Fist

Step into a world of rustic charm with this wedding/event venue and hobby farm. Located in Hammond, WI, you’ll experience the personalized touches Farm to Fist is known for. You’ll have exclusive access to the ceremony and reception space from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning when you book with this venue. The wide-open spaces are a breath of fresh air and a perfect setting to say “I do” and celebrate your love. The dedicated staff love working with couples to customize the space. There’s nothing better than making your perfect day come to life.

Take advantage of the services Farm to Fist has to offer for your special day! Work with Kaaren to create personalized flower arrangements that reflect your vision and your style as a couple. Flower services include bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and ceremony flower arrangements. Are you into unique brews? Greg will host an entire brewing day for you to figure out a signature brew for your special day. Have fun creating something special that has a unique hop or yeast, your favorite style, or reflects your heritage. It’s another way to have your wedding reflect you.

The ceremony space is situated in a picturesque area on the farm. So naturally, you know something special is about to take place when you look out on the sunflower and wildflower fields. Combined with the peaceful babbling brook, it’s perfect for loved ones to gather in celebration of your love. Wood benches and white chairs for seating are available for your use. Farm to Fist also offers a couple of pews for featured family and friends. Also, couples can choose from the different arch and alter options to meet their preferences.

Farm to Fist has an open side pole shed that holds up to 150 guests for the reception. Get swept away in the rustic elegance and views of the wide-open landscape. For larger crowds, the venue uses tents next to the covered patio. Therefore, creating a cohesive space for your guests to enjoy and providing a comfortable shade from the elements.

During the weekend, you’ll be able to use two charming dressing rooms with private access. On the grounds, there’s plenty of room for your guests to park. And they’ll have a great time playing lawn games, enjoying the fire pit, and exploring the many trails on the property. Farm to Fist is the perfect venue for celebration, family, and fun. Call them today!

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