Florian Gardens

Florian Gardens

The Florian Gardens, conveniently located off of Interstate 94 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, has all your event needs covered. Venues include three large, stunning ballrooms, as well as gorgeously landscaped gardens.

The ballrooms at Florian Gardens include the Rockcress, Rosemary, and the Indigo. Each ballroom is equipped with the latest technology and acoustics, as well a professional sound system in each room, so your guests can enjoy all the festivities your event has to offer. Each ballroom except for Indigo (which is a cocktail room) can seat over 100 guests, with the largest, the Rockcress, which seats about 600 guests. All ballrooms feature striking glass windows overlooking impressive gardens, as well as glass doors leading out to the gardens, making your transition from ceremony to reception seamless.

The gardens at Florian Gardens are absolutely breathtaking and are sure to impress all your guests with their bountiful flowers. The Indigo Gardens are the premier gardens in Eau Claire. The Indigo Gardens; perfect for social and cocktail hour. Your guests can enjoy the multitude of blooms and romantic nooks during your reception or prior to your ceremony or event. The gardens provide a relaxing, beautiful backdrop without the long country drive. The gardens and ballrooms are all expediently located right in Eau Claire.  

The Florian Gardens is equipped with a state of the art kitchen, making catering your event a breeze. On-site catering provides guests with the freshest main course fare. The kitchen and staff produce scrumptious appetizers, full course meals, and beverages. The lobby is quite expansive, allowing for up to six lines to move through buffet lines at once, making catering large parties simple and quick, so guests can enjoy the event rather than waiting in the food line. The wait staff is polite and courteous, making your guests experience one to be remembered.

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