Glenwood Lakeside Ballroom

Glenwood Lakeside Ballroom

The Lakeside Ballroom has been a remarkable destination on the shores of Lake Minnewaska for over 100 years. The historical building sadly burned down in 2003 but was rebuilt and the brand new ballroom reopened their doors just a few years later. This gorgeous lakeside spot is the perfect venue for a wedding, bachelorette party, bridal shower or other special events. Lakeside Ballroom brings breathtaking views of the lake to you and your guests, leaving a memorable impression of your event.

A premier wedding location in west central Minnesota, Lakeside Ballroom offers a massive space to accommodate a large event. The gorgeous shoreline setting will bring that romantic feeling for all your guests to experience. The ballroom boasts an open ceiling displaying its beautiful beams. Enjoy the serene view of Lake Minnewaska through the ballroom’s picturesque windows. There is ample space for a formal dining reception or cocktail reception and a dance floor. Keep your guests entertained with dancing all night long. When they need some fresh air, they can step out onto the patio and take in the views of the lake.

A patio sits right along the shoreline of the lake. Enjoy the tranquil setting of dining while taking in the views and freshness of the lake. The patio is a beautiful space complete with a stunning brick design beneath your feet. Walk down the stairs out to the dock where water will surround you. Enjoy a short walk on the pier or sit and relish in the peaceful surroundings. Your guests will love their time on the patio and will refresh themselves with the serenity around them. The patio at Lakeside Ballroom is an excellent place for bridal showers, company luncheons, birthday or retirement parties.

If you prefer an on the lake experience, you will take pleasure in a trip on their famous boat, Lady Lakeside. Enjoy an on the go dining experience with this memorable cruise. An excellent option for smaller parties like bridal showers, company luncheons, bachelorette parties or other intimate gatherings. Spend quality time with close family and friends while aboard this relaxing cruise. Lady Lakeside sets out from the dock of the Lakeside Ballroom and takes a short journey around Lake Minnewaska. Get a closer view of the lake and all the calming views in the backdrop. Your guests will have a memorable and exciting time aboard Lady Lakeside.

The beauty of Lake Minnewaska is a calming and peaceful setting for your next wedding or special event. The Lakeside Ballroom, with its massive open space, has everything you need to make your wedding a spectacular once in a lifetime event for you and your guests. Lakeside offers extra outdoor space on the shoreline patio and a walk-out dock to get an up-close experience of the lake. A bonus awaits you and your guests with an exciting cruise on the private boat, Lady Lakeside. The options seem endless at The Lakeside Ballroom for you and your guests to have the wedding event or another special event of your dreams.

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