Heyde Center for the Arts

Heyde Center for the Arts

The process of restoring a decrepit building and creating new and inspiring spaces within its walls brings out a strong creative spirit within the community.  Heyde Center for the Arts, located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, is an excellent expression of what happens when the potential inherent in historic preservation merges with a desire to create an art center.  The two goals meld together, and a creative arts center is born and finds a home.

The Chippewa Valley community watched in sadness as their beloved McDonnell Memorial High School, closed in 1964, fell into terrible disrepair.  Broken windows let in rain and snow that buckled the wood floors. The exposure to the elements, along with a lack of heating during cold weather, caused the plaster walls to peel and crack. Generations of pigeons moved into the building.  Vandals attacked the empty building on multiple occasions.

The Chippewa Valley Cultural Association, Inc was born out of a twin dream to restore the McDonnell Memorial High School and establish a community center for the arts.  Eventually, the group raised over two million dollars and fixed up the old high school, renaming it the Heyde Center for the Arts.  Today, a volunteer board, supported by a general membership of 350 people, runs the Heyde Center.  Approximately 19,000 people participate at the Heyde Center for the Arts each year.

Creative arts flourish at Heyde Center for the Arts.  Arts programs, including such offerings as music, dance, film, theater, literary, and family fare, are scheduled throughout the year.  Hands-on opportunities, such as fused glass pendant design, also tempt community members.

Heyde Center for the Arts serves as a home for community celebrations.  For example, a Christmas Carols Sing-Along brings the Chippewa Valley Community Chorus and members of the community together for an evening of musical creation.  

This historic space is available for eight and thirteen-hour rental. The venue can accommodate small meetings, business conferences, charity fundraisers, weddings, and reunions.  The auditorium has a seating capacity of 400 and can transform into a banquet room with seating for 240 people.  There is an additional room available for a buffet line.  Additionally, a fully stocked bar comes complete with experienced bar staff.

A benefit to using the Heyde Center for the Arts as a venue is the range of amenities available to make your event memorable.  There is a complete audio-visual system, piano, sound system, podium, and microphones.  An adjustable chandelier helps to create the appropriate atmosphere for your event.

The event manager can recommend outside vendors that you may need such as caterers and photographers.  Clients may also choose another caterer as long as the caterer is licensed and has the required permits and staff.  The Heyde Center has a separate prep room for the caterer.  Please note that the Heyde Center for the Arts supplies all alcohol.

Create your next masterpiece at the Heyde Center for the Arts!

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