Hope Glen Farm

Hope Glen Farm

Farm weddings are all the rage these days, and you can have yours at Hope Glen Farms.  Elegantly situated in the gently rolling hills of Cottage Grove, MN, just north of the Mississippi River banks, Hope Glen Farms is a picturesque location for your wedding, reception, or celebration. Invite up to 300 guests to join you for the most momentous occasion of your life

Make wedding memories of a lifetime with historic flair inside or just outside of an 1860 Civil War barn with a loft. Breathe in the fresh country air in an outdoor pasture ceremony. If the weather turns sour, Glen Hope Farms is ready with a plan B – a 2,400 square foot pavilion. Brides and grooms enjoy complimentary preparation rooms to groom themselves for the ceremony. Feel like kings and queens as the staff at Hope Glen Farms works to fulfill your requests and desires for your dream farm wedding.

The barn boasts vaulted ceilings and a magnificent stone fireplace to warm fingers, toes, and innermost hearts on a chilly celebration day. Stringed lights create a romantic ambiance inside the barn that guests will ooh and ahh over. Decorate the large, extended branches of mature trees around the grounds to make an attractive backdrop or canopy for your wedding or family reunion photography session. Steal away to the tree line for an intimate moment with your sweetheart.

Light the fire in your hearts with a bonfire and s’mores the night before your big day. Feel the intimacy between you and the one you love increase beneath the canopy of clear skies and twinkling stars. The glow in your hearts will most certainly surpass the light of the firelight.

Make your wedding location your honeymoon destination in the Corn Crib Cottage or Tree House Suite! Rustic, wooden stairways lead you into exquisitely decorated spaces you won’t ever want to leave. Massive fireplaces and beautiful chandeliers set the stage for a most romantic honeymoon getaway – and you don’t even have to travel!

Hope Glen Farms gladly supplies its patrons with a preferred vendor list. Both hosts and guests can enjoy all that farm life has to offer visitors. Guests and their children alike can enjoy visiting the animals around the farm. Hope Glen Farms is everything that a farm wedding destination should be and more. You will be glad you chose Hope Glen Farms.

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