Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen

Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen

Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen is a traditional local service that offers quality river tours as well as sightseeing cruises along Lake Minnetonka.

Despite the tourist-based nature of their touring business, they also double as one of the more popular and unique choices for a wedding venue. If you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary without it becoming outrageous, you may find that being wed on a local ship is right for you.

For generations, water has been a symbol of love and care. Once the ceremony begins, you’ll feel right at home in an intimate, romantic setting on the waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Imagine having absolutely nothing distracting guests from your wedding ceremony. Out on the water, all that is available is miles of empty space and fresh air.

In a day and age where guests are all but forced to pay attention; being out on the water away from civilization and technology may be just what the bride ordered. Better yet is always knowing where every single guest is at all times, drastically cutting down on those wandering about an unknown venue and becoming lost.

If the couple-to-be isn’t on the same side of agreeing to be wed on a boat, the team offers their venue for other needs as well. Their website states that in addition to wedding ceremonies, wedding receptions, bride parties, groom parties, engagement parties, dinner rehearsals, and other wedding-related events can all be booked here.

There is also great news for anyone who thinks that an at-sea ceremony may be a bit too off-kilter. The crew brings with them a floating gazebo, which is set up on land where the actual wedding takes place.

Because the ship is both the wedding venue and reception hall, it cuts down on needing to fight traffic to get to the next destination. There is also less confusion for your guests, and a safer environment.

Rather than hunting down the perfect indoor/outdoor event space, the ship really outdoes themselves in covering all the necessary aspects of a wedding. You can all but guarantee that you’ll have a unique ceremony of the season, and your guests will love being out on a boat for most of the day.

By including a mix of the traditional and something different, all that’s missing is something borrowed and something blue. That is, as well as you and your guests.

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