Pique Travel Design

Pique Travel Design

Travel agents may not be as conventional as they once were, but Pique Travel Design has brought traveling to the Digital Age. In addition to creating custom vacation packages, they also offer their office as a private event space.

It may sound odd at first to rent out an office building, but this space is among the most unique in the area. This isn’t a typical commercial space crammed with cubicles, but an actual venue space to consider.

Combining the shape of an industrial warehouse and covering it in barn style hardwood aesthetics, this is a beautiful option for any private event. Rustic enough for wedding parties and industrial enough for corporate events, this all-in-one private space is ideal for any situation.

Another plus is that, while memories are being made, the building already has a historical past. Originally built in the ‘40s as a lumber warehouse, this is one of the many historic buildings in Minneapolis.

Obviously, the original building has seen renovations, the latest update being a complete restoration in 2014. Located on the historic Water Street, you’ll be in for an evening of historic sites and modern amenities.

Renting out the venue comes with the bonus of it remaining in “as-is” condition. Furnishing includes wood and leather tables, sofas, and dining tables, as well as metal barstools and other contemporary choices.

If you want to stage the area yourself, you can. Just note that removing the included furniture is going to cost you an additional $250, and you can’t bring in an outside moving company.

There is an on-site bar area with sink, as well as its own dedicated television. This makes it ideal for sports parties, weddings, birthdays, and other events, especially depending on your catering needs.

For standing events or cocktail parties, the occupancy can be around 250 guests. For seated dining affairs, the vendor recommends whittling the guest list to 130 people max.

Onsite equipment rentals include audio/video choices, wedding-style folding chairs, wireless Internet, parking lot use, and other standard inclusions. Music and DJing equipment will need to be brought in separately.

For a wedding venue that is as unique as the neighborhood around it, Pique Travel Designs can’t be ignored. The venue is available mostly in the evenings, but also offers earlier spots on the weekends.

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