River Oaks Golf Course

River Oaks Golf Course

One of the most challenging aspects of planning a wedding is not overpaying for smaller parties. Many venues charge the same amount regardless of the guest list, wasting more money than you should.

One way to remedy this problem is by hosting your ceremony at River Oaks Golf Course. This intimate Cottage Oak event space offers rental packages based on specific party size needs.

Rather than shelling out the full cost for a scaled-back guest list, this course offers several different areas for a variety of different party sizes. This is great for any wedding adhering to a strict budget, or for specific party needs.

The entire banquet room should be more than enough for the average wedding party, with seating up to 240 guests. If you are planning something a little smaller, half of the room can hold up to 100.

Other party planning packages include renting out the cozy lounge area, the Sun Room, or the outdoor gazebo space. The onsite restaurant is ideal for prompt meal service, and the onsite bar cuts out the need for outside vendors.

To avoid any meal surprises, the golf course offers a complimentary tasting once per year for two guests. This is great to nail down those pesky dinner details, and the staff can accommodate most meal requests.

This venue does have strict decorating policies, and they won’t allow much regarding outside decorations. Glitter and confetti are also a no-go, but honestly, this may prevent a ceremony from going overboard.

For added elegance, table candles and holders can be purchased directly through the course. The same can be added to the outdoor gazebo space as well, which would quickly add charm to your ceremony, especially as the sun begins to set.

One reason many wedding parties are hesitant to choose a golf course setting is the amount of potential cigar smoke. Luckily, the event spaces are all smoke-free locations, with the outdoor patio areas being the only designated locations.

The most significant advantage to choosing River Oaks Golf Course is that they create a self-contained wedding party that is personalized to your exact needs. They genuinely seem to care about what is best for you and your wedding day party needs above all else.

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