Surly Destination Brewery

Surly Destination Brewery

Located in East Downtown Minneapolis, near the University of Minneapolis and the mighty Mississippi River, Surly Brewing Company is a premier brewery renowned not only for their sweet brews but also for their stellar event venues.

Hosting an event at Surly Brewing Company is an experience that is handled with excellence and executed with care. Surly offers a plethora of events. Known for their charitable event bashes, Surly Brewing Company hosts events that are philanthropic and corporate.

Large events, such as corporate meetings, benefits for charity, or weddings, can easily be accommodated in many of our event venues. Working with Surly staff, each event is customized and created with the details you envision. Catering and bar service is handled in-house. Each event will offer stellar catering and award-winning brews. Scheid Hall, named in memory of Linda Scheid, is the premier Surly event venue. A state of the art meeting center, Scheid Hall is outfitted with innovative technology such as audio-visual equipment, sound system, microphone, and a plethora of other technological goodies. With space to comfortably seat up to 175 guests, Scheid Hall can be arranged to host anything from a luncheon, corporate meeting, charitable event, or wedding. Outfitted with excellent views of the industrial brewing warehouse, and the iconic Minneapolis skyline, Scheid Hall is an excellent option.

Several other event spaces are located throughout Surly Brewing Company. With the ability to coordinate your event to your desires, Surly offers top-notch professional staff to assist you. In-house catering from the restaurant and beer poured copiously, smaller events at Surly are friendly, upbeat, and completely awesome. The warehouse, retrofitted with modern technology, provides flexible space to allow for maximum event tailoring. The warehouse can easily be arranged to accommodate 50 guests, or 175 guests, depending on the event.

Charity events at Surly are completely planned and handled in-house. Philanthropic to its core, Surly Brewing Company offers charitable events not only all the beer, technology, and menus, Surly Brewing Company also runs Give a Damn Monday’s, which are well known in the Minneapolis metropolitan area. Whatever your event, Surly Brewing has you covered.

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