Watson Block

Watson Block

Watson Block venue in downtown Minneapolis North Loop neighborhood

Watson Block is an intimate venue for a wedding, wedding reception or a groom’s dinner in a 1902 building in the North Loop area of downtown Minneapolis. The address is 256 N. 1st Avenue, which intersects with North 1st Street.

When we say “intimate venue,” we mean that it can seat 125 for dinner and otherwise hold 150 people in a cocktail style setting.

If you have less than 100 guests for a sit-down meal, you can ask them to clear an area for dancing, and a pianist, trio of musicians, or a Djay.

There’s a glass-topped piano that could be fun to sing around if you have some guests who are known for their vocal talents.

Watson Block is a short walk from Target Field, and this means parking is abundant. There are ramps, lots and street parking within a two-block radius, so it’s easy to walk to the venue from those parking spots.

One caveat: Be careful that you don’t choose a date and time when there’s an event at Target Field or Target Center! If you do, everyone will be better off taking a Lyft or Uber ride to your event. That might work fine if they’re staying downtown or if they park at the other end of downtown and then order the ride service.

This North Loop area of downtown Minneapolis is hip and happening – fun for out-of-state or suburban guests who don’t often experience a downtown nightlife. It’s safe; there are plenty of people and patrols in the area. And after your event, there are other bars nearby to visit.

Watson Block has turn-of-the-20th-century glam with modern touches

Outside, masonry blocks signal the long, solid history of the building and this unique area of downtown Minneapolis. You’ll enter the narrow door and make your way up one floor.

When you step inside, you’ll see brick walls, big windows, and a touch of leather and authentic wood everywhere.

The space creates a warm, welcoming feeling for your guests. The large windows let in natural or evening street light, and the dark open ceiling reveals original pipes.

Despite holding no more than 150 people, the space feels open, like there’s breathing room.

Watson Block will sparkle in the evening, and it’s likely you, and your guests will feel comfortable and yet special. There are chandeliers, and an old sideboard with a mirror to reflect the light.

The long bar with the original brick wall in the background, polished glassware and overhead art-deco rectangular lights is inviting. There’s something familiar about it, like so many bars your guests have relaxed and conversed near so many times before.

The small bathrooms carry through the early 1900s decor, which women likely will appreciate.

Don’t get us wrong. Watson Block does not have to be stuffy or make people want to whisper. It can be as warm and friendly as you want with your choice of music – imagine a pianist, a live jazz combo, or a d.j. playing from a list you’ve selected.

Watson Block may use silver and linen napkins, but the tables can be free of tablecloths, which tones down the formality of the affair. Also, you could make it more casual by having the television on for sports fans who can’t resist a peak at how the Wild or Twins are doing. It’s located at the far end of the room, and you can set it for screen captioning.

Choose from three caterers Watson Block works with

This North Loop Minneapolis venue has an event planner to work with you on creating something that reflects you.

It doesn’t have its own kitchen; Watson Block works with three reputable caterers, and you can choose one of them based on the kind of food you want to provide your guests. It does have its own bartenders and a full bar.

There’s a wide range of food and menus to choose from that can meet the needs of the big meat-eaters among your friends as well as the gluten-free needs of those guests with allergies.

Do you want to serve something your guests are familiar with? How about a pasta or taco station? Want something a bit out of the ordinary to signal how special your event is? Then consider something like orange prosecco chicken and roasted halibut.

By the way, the round dining tables seat eight, the rectangular tables seat six.

Check out the website, which has a great FAQ section.

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