How to Be the Best, Best Man

Best Man

First, one of the most important aspects of being a best man is to first know your responsibilities. To start off, let’s go over what a few your key tasks are going to be.

  1. The Bachelor Party – This is going to be one of the biggest and most important duties you have but this is an opportunity where you get to lead! Obviously, you are one of the groom’s best friends so consult with him and see if he has any interests or ideas before you just jump in. Once you get a direction from him, it’s up to you to finish the job and plan whatever you need to. Two quick tips in this area:
    1. It’s okay to ask other grooms men for help (They often love to help with this!)
    2. For the financial part of the whole event, it is expected that all costs will be split evenly between the groomsman
  1. The Best Man Speech – This is where it’s time for you to really come through for the groom! Everyone loves a funny and entertaining speech so here are a couple pointers that will make you shine!
    1. Speak from the Heart – It’s okay to have notes to help you remember what you’re going to talk about but it’s always better to speak from the heart. It adds depth, emotion, and humor to your speech. This means NO script reading! Unfortunately, script reading is often just a crutch that the best man will hide behind because they want to stay in their comfort zone and not face their fears. I recommend living on the edge, face any fears and overcoming them! You won’t regret it!
    2. Keep Trash Talk to a Minimum – I know it can be fun to tell stories that make the groom look foolish and funny. Yes, there is a place for those but know your audience and have respect for him. There is a line, and this is not a time to cross it. Think about who’s listening, does grandma really need to know that about her grandson? It’s also always a good idea to end on a positive note that edifies the groom. PS – Never embarrass or talk negative about the bride, keep her in a happy mood!
  1. Help Groom Pick Out Wedding Formal Wear
  2. Hold the Ring for the Groom During the Ceremony
  3. Attend Any Rehearsals
  4. Be Ready to Help with Any Wedding Day-Of-Requests from the Groom
  5. Sign the Marriage License
  6. Keep the Boys in Line – Be a Leader and Help Other Groomsmen When Needed

We hope this gives you a good idea of what you will be expected to do as the best man. Knowing your role and sticking to it is the best thing you can do to be the best, best man. This is a day to be extremely unselfish and truly make it all about the couple getting married. Be a giver; don’t complain and draw attention to yourself. Ultimately, it’s not about you and this is probably the best piece of advice we at Adagio can give you. Be a server on this day. It will not only make you feel good but it will strengthen your friendship with the groom too! You should now be well equipped to make things go great for you and the groom on that special day!

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