Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Special Day

Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Special Day

It’s your big day, and you’ve thought of everything. You found your dream dress, the decor is perfect, and the food and music are just right. 

Everything is perfect, or so you thought. Those wedding shoes you fell in love with at the store, the ones that looked perfect on display, are killing you!

Don’t make this classic bride mistake. Choose the right shoes for your wedding, and save yourself the heartache, and the foot ache, of a hasty decision. 

For a bride, wedding shoe shopping should be fun and stress-free. At Adagio Djay Entertainment, we would like to bring you a few tips and tricks for choosing the right shoe for you. 

Your wedding shoes play a vital role in your big day. They have to look and make you feel fantastic. But more than that, they need to support you. 

You will be on your feet for most of the day. And remember, a lot of that time will be spent dancing. How do you choose the right shoe? We’ll tell you.

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Saying “Yes” to the dress, and shoes

Your dress is one of the most visible images of your wedding day. Every other fashion element should be planned around it. We don’t recommend any bride to buy her shoes before choosing her dress. 

Your wedding shoes should complement your dress in every way. Consider all the aspects of your dress, the style, color, detail, and embellishment.

The length of your dress will also play a factor in selecting your wedding shoes. If your dress is shorter, you should put even more thought and consideration into your wedding shoe search. If your wedding shoes will be visible, it is the perfect opportunity to add a little flair.

You can really go for it and slip on a pair of statement shoes. Whichever of the feels you want to invoke, be it glam, glitz, romance, or whimsy, you can say it with your shoes. 

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Don’t wait until the last minute

While it is true that you shouldn’t buy your wedding shoes before your wedding gown, your shoe and dress shopping should go hand in hand. It would be best if you had your wedding shoes picked out around the same time as your dress so that you can bring them with you to fittings.

Your tailor or dressmaker will need to know what your exact height will be on your wedding day so they can make the correct alterations. 

Plus, you will want to have time to break your shoes in a little before the big day. If you are having an outdoor wedding or reception, we recommend you walk on some of the same terrains to practice. 

You need enough time to wear them in and have them cleaned before they have to walk you down the aisle. 

Speaking of your grand entrance, check out our list of dos and don’ts for that first look. Remember, you never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression. 

Do your homework

As with your dress, it is a good idea to research wedding shoes before you start shopping for one. Check out the websites of your favorite shoe and clothing retailers first to get a sense of the style or styles of shoe to which you are most drawn. 

While you are researching their shoes, also read up on each particular store’s return policy. Since these are shoes you will be standing and dancing in for hours; you want to be able to try them on to test for comfort before you buy.

If you fall in love with a pair of shoes online that you will not be able to return, proceed with caution. Remember, it doesn’t matter how fantastic they look if they leave your feet bloody and raw on one of the most important days of your life. 

Once you do find the perfect shoe, with the perfect return policy, try standing and walking around in them for at least an hour. If you can’t make it, those are probably not the shoes for you. 

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Define your style

If you are going for a particular theme or style for your big day, try to carry that down to your shoes. If you are going for a vintage look, try out some high-end thrift shops to find that perfect shoe. 

Also, pay attention to any unique or noticeable detailing in your dress that you can echo with your shoes. If you have lace or satin elements in your dress, it might be nice to find some beautiful wedding shoes with those same materials. 

If you want to step away from tradition, so to speak, consider adding a pop of color into your wedding shoes. Go bold with red, gold, or navy blue, or add some sparkle with some metallics. 

Remember, it is your day. Do it your way. 

Keep your venue in mind

Especially important if you are having an outdoor wedding, you should consider the surface or terrain you will have to traverse throughout your wedding day. It is better to be prepared than to get caught unaware. 

If you are having a beach wedding, heels might not be the best option for you. 

Wherever you are getting married, have your wedding planner or the owner of the venue show you exactly where the aisle you will be walking down is located. Your walk down that aisle is the most significant moment of the day. It would be truly tragic to be tripped up by your poor shoe choice with the eyes of everyone you love on you. 

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Above all else, be comfortable

Your first consideration when trying on shoes should be their comfort level. Style and eye appeal should be a close second. No matter how beautiful they are, you need to be able to wear them or what is the point of buying them!

Most importantly, remember that your shoe shopping process should be fun and not stressful. Try not to worry too much about finding the perfect shoe; your wedding will still be beautiful and magical no matter what you wear on your feet.

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