Costly Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Wedding DJ, Part 2

Costly Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Wedding DJ, Part 2

We have already discussed a few mistakes you can make when choosing a wedding DJ. Unfortunately the list is too long and deserves a second post.

At Adagio Djay Entertainment we make it our goal to make your wedding day amazing. We not only provide music during your wedding and reception, we can help with much of the planning and organizing to make sure your day goes smoothly and looks like you want it to. Call us today to see how we can help.

And now, more mistakes you want to avoid.

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Not Checking What Equipment The DJ Will Provide

Are you expecting the DJ to provide more than just standard DJ equipment? When booking your DJ, it is vital that you understand what equipment they will bring. If you’re hoping for lighting design in addition to music, you’ll need to check with your DJ to make sure they can meet your expectations. If they can’t, you can plan on renting additional equipment or finding a different DJ that can provide what you need. 

If you have your ceremony in a separate area on-site, will you need audio equipment in that area as well? Are you having live musicians perform that need amplification? Make sure that your DJ can provide what you need, instead of assuming and being caught without the proper equipment. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that your DJ’s equipment is compatible with the venue for your reception. 

Not Discussing Your Desires

If you have any unique requests, specific songs, style of music to be played, or an idea about how you’d like your special day to flow, include the DJ in these discussions in advance. Not voicing your wishes for the ceremony and reception can lead to the DJ doing their own thing, which may or may not be your thing. It also gives the DJ an opportunity to acquire any additional unique songs and prepare for your event musically. 

You may even want to choose a DJ service that facilitates both live music and recorded music. Maybe you want a live band for the diner and first dance but then want a DJ to take over? Give Adagio a call, we work closely with a several bands in the Twin Cities and are happy to use our network to find the perfect fit for you.

Having an open conversation about what you would like to include and leave out is an essential step in making sure you and your DJ are on the same page. By discussing your thoughts and desires, your DJ can ensure the day goes how you’ve planned, and you won’t be left with any surprises. 

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Not Having a Backup Plan

Have you considered what might happen on your big day if your DJ has an emergency and can’t make it? Or what if your DJ’s equipment fails during your ceremony or reception? Not finding out what the backup plan is can leave you in a stressful situation and catch you completely off guard in the middle of your wedding. 

An experienced, renown DJ service should have contingency plans for events such as illness or failed equipment. A backup DJ should be available in case of an emergency, and there should be failsafe equipment or solutions the DJ can use to ensure the show goes on in case of equipment malfunction.

You don’t want to worry about “what if” scenarios with your wedding DJ, so make sure to discuss what options are available if the worst should happen. Knowing that there is a backup plan will help you feel confident in your DJ choice. 

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Not Checking on Insurance

You don’t want to be held responsible for any unforeseen accident, and your professional DJ should have the proper liability insurance to prevent that scenario. Accidents can happen, but with adequate coverage, your DJ will be prepared to handle them professionally and appropriately. 

Don’t assume your wedding DJ has insurance in place, or that the venue will cover any accidents related to the dance floor or equipment. Instead, work with your DJ to make sure everyone is covered appropriately. Ask for proof of insurance and make sure it meets your venue’s insurance liability requirements.

Not Having Fun

While it is easy to get caught up in the details of planning a wedding and to start feeling overwhelmed, it’s important to remember why you are having a wedding in the first place. Hosting an event for all of your loved ones to witness you and your fiancé join together in true love should be fun and enjoyable, as well as memorable and unique. 

Choosing your DJ is no different; it should be a fun process. Finding a DJ who matches your style and is willing to run the show the way you want can be a blast. Learning your DJ’s personality and how it will shine through at your event should be a positive experience.

Listening to different songs to find just the right ones for your special dances, getting a feel for the type of music your wedding will include, and planning the announcements and special moments of the reception can be an exciting and enjoyable part of the wedding planning process — if you’re working with the right DJ.

Have fun working with your DJ to create an amazing ceremony and reception. You will find yourself looking even more forward to your big day once you’ve decided on the style, event flow, and first dance songs. 

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Enjoy Your Special Day

Your wedding day is one of the most personal and memorable moments in your life. The amount of planning, work, and dreaming that goes into it will show on your big day. Decorations, centerpieces, flowers, and special moments throughout the ceremony and reception will leave a lasting impression on everyone who attends, as well as you and your partner. 

Having the right DJ for your event will ensure that everyone has a good time, and the event runs smoothly. An experienced DJ will be able to run the show with professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail. Leaving your day’s events in your DJ’s capable hands will help you be able to relax and enjoy yourself. 

Choosing Adagio Djay Entertainment will ensure you have an incredible wedding and reception and take a portion of the worry and planning off of your plate. Let us help you make your special day memorable.

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