Daughters, Daddies & Dances: A Guide to Your Perfect Father Daughter Dance


Daughters, Daddies & Dances

Every little girl seems to have, at one point or another, imagined herself dancing with her father on that special day. In many cases, it has already happened a time or two when you were little and standing on his feet while he showed you how to dance. Now it’s time to return the favor. So, what can you do to make that dance perfect for you and your dad? We’re going to give you three things to think about so you can make it everything you’ve dreamed of.

  1. Who’s Your Daddy? 😉 – The first and arguably most important thing for you to think about is your dad’s personality, tastes, and style. Who is he as a person? Is he the type of guy that would love to start with a slow song for 15 seconds, then shock the crowd as it changes to a fast-paced thriller while you guys go crazy? Or is he that 80’s rock lover who would love nothing more than to slow dance with his precious daughter to his favorite Journey song? Maybe he’s a bit more traditional and would love something classic like “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. Point being, the number one thing to consider before choosing a song is how “on board” your dad will be with your choice.
  2. Where’d Daddy Go? – When it comes to the night of your wedding communicating is probably one of the best things you can do to make sure the night runs smoothly. This is no different when it comes to the father daughter dance. You know the timeline of the wedding but make sure dad knows when it’s his time to dance too. The last thing you want is dad in line for a drink or in the bathroom when he should be out on the dance floor.
  3. Daddy-Daughter Time – The last and the most important thing is to capture and soak in every moment of this special time with your dad. This truly will be a once in a life time moment. The emotion of it all may make you come to tears or burst out in uncontrollable laughter. Either way, this is a great time to truly honor and appreciate your dad. It can be a great time to remember all those fun and exciting memories you’ve had together and share your heart with him.

We hope these three things will help you create the perfect daddy daughter dance on your wedding night. If you are still up in the air about which songs to choose from, please first consider what you dad may want or like, but here are a few popular choices that have worked well in the past. Have a great daddy daughter dance!

  • Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
  • My Little Girl – Tim McGraw
  • I Loved Her First – Heartland
  • Daddy Dance with Me – Krystal Keith
  • Daddy – Beyoncé
  • Always Be Your Baby – Natalie Grant
  • Daddy’s Little Girl – Michael Bublé
  • Daughters – John Mayer
  • Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman
  • My Girl – Temptations
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