Debut of a New Weekly Blog Series! “The 3.5”


It’s been a while since I last posted something on here. The frigid temps and snowy weather froze my keyboard and it’s just now beginning to thaw! April is almost gone and May is on the horizon which means we are about to be thrust head first into wedding season! This of course is cause for celebration and is the inspiration for the debut of this new weekly posting entitled “The 3.5”. Why 3.5?

Two reasons:

A)     Everyone does their “Top ____” in factors of 5 so I thought this would be a cool way to differentiate from every Top 5, Top 10, etc.

B)      The “.5” will include the items or people or bands that came close to making the Top 3 but didn’t and still warrant a mention.

Adagio Dj As always your feedback is awesome and appreciated so do not hesitate to voice your opinions about the topics or suggest something you would like to see written about in this section. I will post a new “The 3.5” every Tuesday so look for it!

So without further dilly-dallying and no more ado, I give you our first topic for “The 3.5”


Top 3.5 Songs To Listen To While Creating a New Blog Series!

For our inaugural posting for this new blog series I wanted to focus on the songs that get me inspired to create. Whoever you are and whatever your trade, everyone has that song or couple songs that inspires them to create something new or allows them to focus on their task at hand. The following 3.5 songs all do just that.

1) Incubus – “Drive”

Not only is Incubus probably my favorite band of all time, but “Drive” is one of my favorite songs of all time. In addition to the standard “Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals” that come with every Rock band ever formed, they also employ a full-time DJ to give their music that little something extra. This allows them to take a simple acoustic song like “Drive” and add a little more flavor. The lyrics and the overall feel of the song create a feeling of comfort and optimism and that’s what makes this song number 1. (And the music video was filmed right here in Minnesota at the McNamara Alumni Center which adds another 10,000 cool points)

2.   Jimi Hendrix – “Little Wing”

The word “Hendrix” is synonymous the word “Guitar”. It’s hard to think of either word without thinking of the other. There is no question that anyone who has seen or heard him play that he is one of the best guitar players that has ever lived. But what really separates Hendrix from the rest is the way he expresses himself through his instrument. “Little Wing” is a fantastic example of Jimi using his guitar to make us all feel the way he feels.

3.   David Guetta ft. Fergie, Chris Wills, and LMFAO – “Getting Over You”

Let’s face it, sometimes you just need a swift kick in the creative spark. And that’s exactly what this song is. With a driving baseline and strategic tempo and intensity changes, this song may cause soreness to your fist-pumping muscles. Every time I hear this song I just can’t help but bob the ol’ noggin.

“The .5”


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