How to Deal With Difficult Family Members On Your Wedding Day

How to Deal With Difficult Family Members On Your Wedding Day

Nothing should get in the way of one of the most important days of your life–your wedding. It should be a day all about you and what you want, so it’s essential to take the right steps to ensure this will be the case.

It’s all too common for a scene to be made at a wedding. It’s not something that should concern the bride and groom during their special event. Other wedding guests and hirees, like the DJ, can play a role in dealing with difficult family members on your wedding day.

A good DJ does a lot more than just play a few tunes; they read the crowd and navigate people who may need to be dealt with. Let your wedding be worry-free with the promise that Adagio Djay Entertainment will be on your side on this special day. 


Top Tips on How to Deal With Difficult Family Members On Your Wedding Day

You don’t need the headache that toxic people cause on your big day. To prevent any of the many scenarios that could happen, consider some of these top preventive and reactive tips.  

Plan For It

During the wedding planning process, you should genuinely consider if you might have a toxic family member. Recognizing it earlier and planning around it can prevent a disaster. What this might look like is: 

  • Verbally setting boundaries with the guest ahead of time and letting them know what you need from them. 
  • Seating them in a less problematic area. 
  • Warning the bartenders that they may cause an issue.
  • Communicating with the DJ if they should be aware of certain people wanting to speak.

Inform the Wedding Planner 

How to deal with Difficult Family Members On Your Wedding Day

If you have a wedding planner, it’s a great idea to go over the guest list in detail with them. They should be warned of toxic behavior to find the best ways to avoid it. It’s their job to know the small things that can help prevent issues with specific guests. 

Be Confident in What You Want 

Before communicating with difficult family members, whether it’s before or during the wedding, it’ll be important to feel confident in your needs. Some people can come across as strong and overpowering, so it’ll be best if you can match or surpass that energy with your own strength. 

Take Control

You may find it feels like there are too many cooks in the kitchen with your wedding planning. It’s important to recognize when you’re losing your vision for someone else’s. Taking control of your day will empower you throughout the entire process. 

If there is an issue during the wedding, you should feel empowered to take control. It’s your day, and you deserve exactly what you want. Controlling family members can throw off your wants and needs, so it’s key to communicate and set boundaries with them.

If your mother-in-law or difficult parents disagree with how you’re doing something, you should sternly remind them that it’s your wedding. This can be challenging, and if it’s not your strong suit, don’t worry. There are other ways to help deal with challenging people.

Find Emotional Support 

Leaning on your friends or other family members for support can help. If it causes you too much stress or worry to handle, ask others to communicate with the controlling family members. Everyone who loves you will be at your wedding, and plenty will do anything to support you.

It’s always best to communicate early before the anticipated issues so that people can be prepared. Let your closest or strongest friends know how you feel, what your concerns are, and what you don’t want to deal with before everything begins. 


What If Nothing Is Working? 

A proud mother kissing her daughter on the cheeks during her wedding day.

The most important thing is to protect your mental health. If you’re having issues with a toxic family member and not getting anywhere after trying all the above tips, it may be worth considering cutting ties. 

It can be hard to cut ties with a family member, but just know that it doesn’t need to be forever. It may be the only way you can move forward while protecting your headspace and wellness during the stressful time of planning a wedding. 

Setting boundaries doesn’t mean you don’t care or love someone. Sometimes, it’s a way to show and protect the deep love that you have for them. 


How a DJ Can Step In 

Sometimes, the best way to deal with toxic family members is to have a third party intervene. This prevents anyone in your wedding party from dealing with the situation. Hiring the right people for your wedding can help ease concerns. 

A DJ’s role is important, and they typically have one of the best views of all the guests in the venue. The right DJ can watch out for certain behaviors, intercept anyone wanting disproportionate microphone time, and keep the mood classy.


Wrapping Up

Wedding day drama should be the least of your worries, but unfortunately, it does happen. By laying down preventive measures and hiring the right people for your wedding, you’ll be able to enjoy your day in peace. 

Adagio Djay Entertainment provides a caring, considerate, and just downright fun DJ for every event. You can trust they will be on your side and do everything they can to protect your special day and make it one to cherish forever. And bring excellent tunes. 

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